Win the Battle Between Good vs Bad Gut Bacteria

The Prebiotin family of nutritional supplements are all-natural plant-based, full-spectrum prebiotic fiber supplements. The prebiotic fibers in Prebiotin, Oligofructose-Enriched-Inulin, or OEI, are proven to stimulate good bacteria growth throughout the entire colon, thus optimizing the prebiotic benefits you can realize by taking it daily. This is why we call it a full spectrum prebiotic. It is simply the best, most complete prebiotic nutritional supplement currently available.

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The Benefits of Taking Prebiotin

As one of the most medically research prebiotics, OEI – the prebiotic fiber in Prebiotin – offers many digestive and general health benefits. When you take Prebiotin daily, you naturally nourish the good bacteria that live in your large intestines, thus gaining many health benefits that include:

  • Improvement in the balance between good and bad gut bacteria
  • Improvement of intestinal functions such as bulking and regularity
  • Increase in mineral (calcium and magnesium) absorption and improvement in bone health
  • Controls digestive functions that regulate metabolism, energy and appetite
  • Enhancement of immune function in the colon
  • Controls a leaky or permeable gut

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To read more about the benefits of a diet rich in prebiotic fiber see Roberfroid M, Gibson GR et al. Prebiotic effects: metabolic and health benefits. Br J Nutr 2010 Aug; 104 Suppl 2:S1-63.