Digestive Enzymes: Do They Really Work?

For those who are seeking to improve lower gut health, digestive enzyme supplements might sound like a dream come true. But what are digestive enzymes, and do these unproven enzyme supplements really help the lower gut?

Digestive Enzymes: A Primer

The human body contains a diverse variety of enzymes, each of which speed up a chemical reaction in the body. During digestion, the food we consume meets a number of our body’s natural digestive enzymes.

The first enzyme digests resistant starch, is produced by the mouth and is part of the saliva. As food and drink continue through the digestive tract, the stomach lining, the pancreas and the intestines secrete enzymes that break them down into the nutrients our bodies need to live.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Although many companies claim to improve natural digestive health through the regular ingestion of a digestive enzyme supplement, there is no scientific proof that doing so will result in better overall health unless a demonstrated enzyme deficiency — such as pancreatitis — exists. No study has proven or even suggested that incorporating digestive enzyme supplements into the diet will improve digestive health. In fact, you’re probably better off eating a good steak — where the food will be broken down into the protein your body needs to survive — than by taking an unnecessary “natural” digestive health enzyme.

The Prebiotics Difference

Unlike digestive enzyme supplements, which have no basis in medical fact, prebiotics and probiotics are proven to improve lower gut health. Probiotics are commonly found in foods such as yogurt; unfortunately, probiotic bacteria are somewhat delicate in nature and often don’t survive the harsh acidic environment present in the stomach.

Prebiotic fiber, on the other hand, is soluble and plant-based. It is present in a wide variety of foods as well as prebiotic supplements such as Prebiotin. The Prebiotin supplement contains both inulin and oligofructose, making it the only medically researched, full-spectrum prebiotic fiber formula that is proven to greatly enhance the healthy bacteria in the lower gut.

Why a Healthy Gut Matters to You

As the makers of digestive enzyme supplements undoubtedly know, the past 15 years have seen a tremendous amount of research proving how important lower gut health is to overall wellness. The bacteria that lives in the large intestines affects immunity, regularity, weight gain, disease and more. High fiber diets make it easier to maintain a healthy lower gut; low fiber diets cause problems.

Prebiotin prebiotic supplements are the only supplements on the market today that are scientifically proven to enhance the production of healthy bacteria in the colon. Ask yourself: do you want to try an unproven, medically unnecessary supplement or add a plant-based, all natural fiber to your already healthy diet and reap the benefits of a healthy lower gut?