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The 5 Easiest Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

medium_4788694752Image: Breathe in Digital

The lower gut was once an afterthought in medical literature, and medical schools rarely if ever stressed its importance in overall health. Today, we know better: the last 15 years has seen an incredible number of studies proving time and again the significant role the colon plays in immunity, bone density, weight, cancer prevention, inflammation and more.… Read more

The Benefits of Eating Foods with Oligofructose

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Oligofructose, which is contained in foods such as the Jerusalem artichoke, bananas and onions, provides a variety of health benefits. When consumed in adequate amounts, this soluble fiber is essential for maintaining a beneficial balance of bacteria in the colon, and although it was once thought that the lower gut played a minor role in overall health, recent independent research concludes that having healthy bowels means a healthier you.… Read more

Toxins in the Gut and Blood – Part 2

Last July I did a blog and email broadcast on the above subject, where credible medical researchers finally identified true toxins in the blood that arose from a leaky colon wall. You can review that article below. In a word, it showed that a high saturated fat and meat diet leads to a leaky gut which allows parts of bacteria to slip through the colon wall and into the blood stream.… Read more