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The bacterial function of the gut continues to amaze us. Now there is incredibly clear evidence that how you treat your microbial partners in your intestine will be a major factor on whether you will get coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Atherosclerosis is the underlying problem with these disorders.… Read more

The Human Microbiome Project

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The days of the lower gut playing a bit role in overall health and wellness are over. The National Institutes of Health have a lot to say today about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria and why these gastrointestinal microbes are key players in maintaining your body’s wellness.… Read more

Carnitine, Gut Bacteria and You

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Many athletes, professional and aspiring, consume carnitine via supplement or as part of a protein-packed diet in an attempt to build stronger muscles and improve overall health. Unfortunately, a recent study discovered that carnitine might interact with gut bacteria and contribute to hardening of the arteries, a dangerous symptom of declining cardiovascular health.… Read more

The Prebiotin Formula: Oligofructose-Enriched Inulin

Prebiotics, along with probiotics, are now getting recognized as the beneficial supplements that they are. You may hear that certain fruits are prebiotics. Banana is the only known fruit with a prebiotic in it. Don’t be fooled by any other hype. Likewise, FOS is prebiotic but it acts only in a local area of the gut.… Read more