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Keep Your Pet Healthy With Prebiotics

Healthy petImage: chrisheuer

Just like people, pets need to maintain healthy digestive systems in order to thrive. Can a prebiotic supplement help your pet live a longer, healthier life?

Maintaining Your Dog’s Proper Digestive Health

Although many animals — dogs, especially — don’t appear enormously selective about the foods (or furniture) they consume, the fact is that what your dog eats has an important impact on its health.… Read more

Adding Prebiotics to Your Child’s Diet

Frank W. Jackson, MD

July 10, 2013
Updated: May 8, 2018

More and more independent research demonstrates the value of adding prebiotics to a well-balanced diet. Can making prebiotics a regular part of your child’s diet set them up for a lifetime’s worth of healthy digestion and more?

Prebiotics and Infant Formula

Prebiotics for ChildrenFor many new parents, the first few months following birth pass by in a blissful — albeit sleep-deprived — state.… Read more