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Prebiotics on a Restricted Diet

GFAF Expo Chicago 2013

Getting enough fiber into your diet when restricting certain foods because of preference or necessity can be problematic. Everything from whole wheat bread to powdered protein supplements can contain harmful ingredients such as gluten or dairy; diabetics often struggle because of blood sugar issues. The good news is vegans, diabetics, raw food dieters and those with milk or gluten allergies can still get adequate fiber with a small amount of careful planning.… Read more

Pumpkins: A Great Source of Fiber for Fall

Mini Pumpkins

Not only are pumpkins great for fall-themed decorations and Thanksgiving’s favorite dessert, they’re also packed with fiber, calcium, vitamins and folic acid. Here’s how you can add more fiber to your diet with fresh pumpkin.

Preparing Fresh Pumpkin

Although purchasing canned pumpkin in the grocery store is certainly simple, adventurous cooks may prefer preparing their own organic version at home.… Read more