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Gut Health Gains Popularity

prebiotin_stomachImage: chaparral

Thanks to a British book published in 1970, the world came to see fiber as an essential part of a healthy diet. Author Denis Burkitt studied the differences between the health and eating habits of native Ugandans and British soldiers who were stationed there. The Ugandans rarely suffered from common Western diseases; Burkitt concluded that the reason involved the Ugandans’ high fiber diet.… Read more

Your Body, Your Microbiome and You

prebiotin_microbiomeImage: PNNL

When you were first born, the bacteria in your colon began changing and proliferating. As you began to eat more, the type of foods you ate changed their makeup; research increasingly shows that a healthy lower gut means better overall wellness. Today, this same microbiota is living in your body and affecting your health — and the foods you eat not only power your body and your mind, but they affect the healthy mix of these important organisms.… Read more

Microbiota Transplants Prove an Effective Treatment for Obesity

prebiotin_microbiotaImage: Tobyotter

Have you ever watched a loved one or colleague munch away happily at lunchtime, only to think to yourself, I could never eat that much. It turns out you might be right — and not only does the latest independent research support it, there also appears to be something you can do about it.… Read more