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Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

How to Keep Your Gut Healthy During the Holidays

girl playing with a snowman

Give your gut the gift of health this holiday season by taking prebiotic supplements!

As you join your friends and family to celebrate your holidays with wonderful food and drink, you look forward to a New and even better Year.… Read more

Fight the Flu With Daily Prebiotics

prebiotin_fluImage: William Brawley

Did you know that taking a daily dose of a prebiotic fiber supplement helps fight the flu? Inulin and oligofructose, two plant-based soluble fibers that enhance the production of healthy gut bacteria, enhance the body’s natural powers of immunity.

An Effective Home Remedy

Although it’s true that flu shots and mists help ward off nasty bugs that typically lay people low during the winter months, it turns out that certain home remedies — and yes, that includes chicken soup — also help us stay healthy.… Read more

Gut bacteria balance is essential for colon health

The science of the gut keeps getting more and more impressive (and a bit more complicated!). In the past, I’ve concentrated on the enormous number of species of bacteria we have found in the gut. The number may be over 2000 species. What we have learned in a short time is that the balance of good vs bad bacteria species makes a world of difference in how the colon healthy organ functions.… Read more