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Solving the Microbe Mystery: How Prebiotics Help Fight Against Obesity

Prebiotics and ObesityTry to imagine 100 million of anything. It boggles the mind. Now consider this: There are more than 100 trillion microorganisms living in your body, most of them in your gut, your mouth and your skin. Taken altogether, these microorganisms make up the microbiome. Scientists are eager to find out what these microorganisms do and how to harness their power to improve our health, something that is a challenge simply because of the sheer volume of microorganisms.… Read more

The Vahouny Fiber Symposium: The Importance of SCFAs

If you don’t already know the benefits of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), you will soon. The beneficial effects of SCFAs may range from helping to fight depression and cancer to giving the colon a major boost. They were a major topic of conversation at the 10th annual Vahouny Fiber Symposium, held in March in Bethesda, MD, that Dr.… Read more