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Crush the Cravings

Cravings can ruin your weight loss journey. Find out how to crush those cravings once and for all! If you’ve decided to lose weight safely by following a healthy diet, congratulations on taking an important step that can change your life forever. However, everyone knows that sticking to a diet can be difficult, and it’s easy to derail your weight loss plans before you even get a chance to see results.… Read more

Struggling With Your Weight? Blame Biology

The reason you're not losing weight is all biology's fault. |

Sadly, our bodies are designed to put on weight and keep it. Our biological systems use the calories we eat as efficiently as possible and then store whatever is left over as glycogen or fat. While this was great when food resources were scarce, Western societies are blessed (or cursed) with a tremendous number of calorie-dense food options.… Read more

Is Your Diet Plan Supported by Science?


No matter what kind of diet plan you’re on, it’s not keeping up with science. In some ways, this can be excused. After all, scientists have only started to understand the critical role that bacteria in the gut play in digestion, nutrition, and obesity — it was less than 10 years ago that the landmark study showing that obesity is linked to bacteria in the gut was published in Nature.… Read more