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Is the Gut-Brain Axis the Next Big Breakthrough in GI Science?

Is there a link between brain trauma and leaky gut, just like leaky gut can trigger neurological problems? The latest research indicates there is a link. So is avoiding autoimmune issues easier with a diet high in prebiotic fiber?

How Diet and Lifestyle Changes Influence Gut and Neurological Health

You already know that eating a diet high in unnatural, processed foods that are high in sugar and lack nutritional value causes a wide variety of serious health problems.… Read more

Four Things to Know About Prebiotics Before You Buy

If you’re like most health-conscious individuals, you know that not all medications or supplements are created equal. Just because a medication or supplement has the same active ingredients does not mean they have the same effects. Research has shown that brand name and generic prescription drugs with the same active ingredient may have different effects.… Read more

Study Confirms Prebiotic Fiber Works For Weight Loss

fat mouseThe University of Calgary has confirmed in a recent study that oligofructose prebiotic fiber supplements allowed rats to gain 1/3 less weight than their peers. The study included rats who received a prebiotic fiber supplement along with their high fat and high sugar diet alongside a group eating the same diet minus the prebiotic fiber.… Read more