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Coronavirus and the Importance of a Strong Immune System

By Gabriele Amersbach, Prebiotin Science Writer

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More than 290,584 people have contracted COVID-19, as of March 21, according to (these numbers are increasing by the hour).  The death toll is at least 11,972 deaths, a mortality rate of 3.4%. This compares to a mortality rate of less than 0.1% (1 death per every 1,000 cases) for the seasonal flu.… Read more

Two Brains? The Answer to Treating My Depression May Be in my Gut

Gut Brain Connection

By Gabriele Amersbach, Prebiotin Science Writer

“Our two brains ‘talk’ to each other, so therapies that help one may help the other. In a way, gastroenterologists (doctors who specialize in digestive conditions) are like counselors looking for ways to soothe the second brain.” – Jay Pasricha, MD, director of the Johns Hopkins Center Neurogastroenterology, explaining the gut-brain connection.Read more