5 Ways to Incorporate a Prebiotic Supplement Into Your Meals


One of the best parts about adding a prebiotic supplement to your daily diet is the ease with which this tasteless powder can blend with other foods and drinks. From letting it dissolve in a glass of water to creating a menu of specialty health shakes to sprinkling it over cereal, getting your recommended daily fiber intake has never been easier.


Everyone loves smoothies, and what easier way to get a healthy start to the day than by adding a prebiotic fiber supplement to your already healthy treat? Not only will the extra fiber help your digestive system, but it will also help you feel fuller. Add prebiotic fiber to fresh or frozen berries with skim milk one day, and bananas and orange juice the next. The beauty of the smoothie is that every recipe is a new adventure — all you need is a blender.

Coffee With Cream, Sugar, and Fiber

Because our prebiotic fiber supplements are tasteless and dissolve easily in liquid, they make an easy accompaniment to coffee and tea. If you’re just beginning to add fiber to your diet, be sure to ramp up fiber intake slowly to avoid uncomfortable bloating.

Fiber: It’s What’s for Breakfast

Enjoying a smoothie or warm beverage with fiber makes it easy to increase your intake all day long. But if taking care of fiber intake early in the day is appealing, nearly every breakfast food is a suitable partner. Sprinkle prebiotic fiber on your bagel, eggs or cereal. Add it with sliced fruit and granola to yogurt. Mix it in with satisfying oatmeal, or bake it in any homemade muffin, bread or other baked good. Why choke down a bran muffin when you can add a prebiotic fiber supplement to a satisfying blueberry muffin or coffee cake?

From Soup to Nuts, Prebiotic Supplements Are Easy to Enjoy

The bottom line is that most prebiotic supplement formulas are tasteless, don’t clump and are easily added to every meal. There really isn’t any excuse — getting the prebiotic fiber your body needs is easier than ever.

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