Anne Mercer Larson, MOB

Anne Mercer Larson

Dir. of Strategic Initiatives, Marketing and Public Relations

Joining Prebiotin in March of 2016, Anne first contacted them as a customer. Conversations began with Ron Walborn Jr., CEO, and soon evolved into an offer to join the Prebiotin team.

“It has been a terrific experience. I was very involved in reading and research about the microbiome and prebiotics, however, I wasn’t looking for work,” Anne relates.

Anne has the deepest respect for the work it took the founder, Dr. Frank Jackson, to create Jackson GI Medical, and his passion for the value of prebiotics to contribute to a positive change in our sometimes dysfunctional gut health. The product has made a huge difference for her after her bout with breast cancer treatment several years ago, and she is passionate about Prebiotin’s mission.

With her extensive experience in strategic planning, marketing, and public relations, she is involved in nearly every aspect of the company’s growing business and was instrumental in driving an extreme remodel of the website.

Anne oversees all of the content, sometimes writing it herself, and looks for opportunities to build relationships with organizations like The Peggy Lillis Foundation which provided the first guest blog for Prebiotin.

Anne has consulted with physicians and hospitals and a premier producer of award-winning cancer videos and books on the development of marketing strategies and authored two peer-reviewed articles, one in Cancer Management Journal which was also included in the International version, and another for California Hospitals Magazine. She also served as executive director for two nonprofit foundations and spent several years in financial services.

She holds a B.A. from California State University Bakersfield and a Masters in Organizational Behavior from the California School of Professional Psychology.

Anne works from her home in the mountains of Southern California, but is in multiple daily contacts with other team members, and never feels “out of the loop.” A beautiful location, surrounded by nature, and a terrific team to work with, make up the perfect scenario for her.

“Sometimes the blessings you are looking for are not the ones you find –remember to look sideways!” -Dr. Judith Mercer Shrider, 1936-1996