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Prebiotin™ is connecting with organizations and professionals in a meaningful way.  Under Affiliations, we list only those who have agreed to be listed and with whom we have an established relationship.

Disclaimer: An Affiliation, however, does not necessarily translate into any endorsement of Prebiotin products by the organization, unless otherwise stated.


PLF Writes Guest Blog for Prebiotin

Christian John Lillis and Liam Lillis, co-founders of the Peggy Lillis Foundation, recently wrote a guest blog post for Prebiotin. PLF was proud to have Prebiotin as a Gala sponsor and supporter of the mission to build a nationwide C. diff awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates, and shaping policy.

Learn more about the Peggy Lillis Foundation and their story on our blog here!


Disclaimer: The following are provided so that you can connect with organizations and information that may help you find out more, or which advocate for various conditions and diseases.  Prebiotin’s listing of these does not imply or claim any affiliation with them, nor an endorsement of any kind for our products, nor our endorsement of any of their particular claims or information.

This is not a comprehensive list of resources, however if you have a relevant organization or association that you would like for us to consider adding, please contact us at: 

Note that we do not include blog sites, as often those are opinion-oriented and not strictly science-based links.