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Dysbiosis Causes & Prevention

Dysbiosis ( dis-bye-os’-is) is a terrible sounding word but it is one which we in medicine are seeing more and more. It means that the bacterial mix in the colon is just plain bad. It is very important to know that this bacterial mix in the large bowel is dramatically important to good health.… Read more

The Human Microbiome Project

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The days of the lower gut playing a bit role in overall health and wellness are over. The National Institutes of Health have a lot to say today about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria and why these gastrointestinal microbes are key players in maintaining your body’s wellness.… Read more

Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease & Prebiotics

March is National Nutrition Month. It seems that everyone is getting on the gluten-free diet bandwagon. Gluten is now a very prominent part of the nutrition landscape. As many now know, it is gluten in wheat that is the trigger that causes celiac disease and intense inflammation and injury to the small intestine in those who have the genetic makeup for the disease.… Read more