Regarding COVID-19: From Ron Walborn Jr., Prebiotin CEO

All across the globe people from every corner of our world face real and constant health concerns. Colds, flus, viruses, all kinds of “bugs,” maladies, disease conditions, all real, all impactful, and very concerning if not outright frightful for those who deal with these issues daily.

Just since the start of the 21st century we have seen outbreaks of H1N1 (swine flu), SARS, MERS, and many other dangerous viruses and influenzas that have caused widespread pain and suffering, and even death for those afflicted the most. Now it is a new threat, COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. As with each of these dangerous conditions, certain demographics of our global population are more targeted and susceptible to the worst of these threats than others. But in this case, as the world struggles with on-again, off-again lock-downs, and numerous mandates intended to manage the widespread contagion, no one is spared the direct or indirect effects of this virus.

All of these potential threats have one thing in common. They all have some impact on, and a connection with, the immune system. So in this time of crisis, it makes more sense than ever, to heal the immune system and to maintain it at an optimal level. That is all our story, Prebiotin is all our solution. 

Prebiotin’s prebiotic fiber supplement’s greatest benefit is the ability to strengthen the immune system. Strengthening our immune system—I truly believe—is the most important fundamental thing we can do in this time of threatened attack on our health, especially for those who have already compromised systems. This goes directly to the heart of the crisis we face. Prebiotin is first and foremost to help our good bacteria flourish.  We encourage everyone to look at the real science that supports our products and decide for yourself. Immunity is the answer. Prebiotin is an important part of the “solution.”

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To learn more about gut immunity, watch Prebiotin founder, Dr. Frank Jackson, gastroenterologist, discuss how your immune system works in his video, “Boost Your Immunity Naturally.”

Click Prebiotin Structure/Function Claim: Support Health and Immunity for more information and research about how Prebiotin supports health and immunity.

Check out Prebiotin’s latest blog, Coronavirus and the Importance of a Strong  Immune System, with more detailed information and updated statistics.

At Prebiotin, our guiding value is to treat our customers, affiliates, and every association we have, with honesty, respect, compassion, and transparency. Our mission is to empower improved gut microbiome health worldwide, eliminating gut imbalance through the development and responsible marketing of natural prebiotic fiber supplements, and most importantly, backed by medically credible third-party research.

At Prebiotin, we have made it our driving motivation, as expressed in our mission statement, to continue the legacy that Dr. Frank Jackson started over 10 years ago. We don’t sell hype. What we provide is both a product and easy-to-understand information that can be used by anyone. We know we have something that works, something that facilitates a healthier gut, and we want everyone to know they have a choice to better their overall health with Prebiotin. As CEO, I personally respond to the majority of the questions and comments we receive on a daily basis. The uplifting and encouraging positive feedback and support from our customers is the most satisfying aspect of our business.

As we go forward, we need to listen to our leaders and officials, heed the warnings, take all the precautions as they are provided to us, and do what we can to help each other. Wash your hands often, eat right, exercise more, and take your Prebiotin. We will get through this, survive, and thrive once more. Yes, there are those who will not be as fortunate as others. To all those who have suffered and will suffer the most, our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one. Stay strong in your faith and do your part to keep yourself and those closest to you safe and secure. All things must pass. 

Please contact us with your story and any questions about Prebiotin. We are at your service and want to hear from you.

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