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SSG John Elicker
SSG John Elicker


In observance of this 2022 Memorial Day weekend, Prebiotin would like to say "THANK YOU" to all the men and women who serve and have served this great country. In these tumultuous times, it is more important than ever to remember just how critical the freedom we hold on to is to us now, and for our future generations. Those who would seek to destroy our great nation, both from within and outside of our borders, attack us at our core, not unlike a plague of bad bacteria, feasting on the immoral and unhealthy fabric of our being, growing ever louder as it eats away at those values and ideals that make this nation the greatest on earth. What can we do? Support those who defend our freedoms and keep us safe every day. Our police, firefighters and first responders, our men and women of our military, all deserve our gratitude and greatest thanks for putting their lives on the line every day, so that we may grow the health of our nation to even greater heights. 

This is no different than taking charge of our own gut health. The bad bacteria that seeks to eat away at the cells of our gut, allowing the toxicity of that which desires to destroy our own health, is like a nation being attacked from within. It is now more critical than ever, to take charge of our health by supporting that which is good in our guts. Prebiotin is the answer to the support needed to wipe out the bad bacteria and feed the good. There is no easier and better way to make sure that we give our bodies the protection it needs to shield our good health from those which seek to destroy it. Our bodies are a nation unto themselves, and supporting our good gut health is the only way to sustain our healthy way of life and realize our future potential. 

The ideals that have made this country the greatest nation ever to exist in modern times, FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM, can only continue if we remain true to the values that we have built upon for 250 years and more. Throughout this Memorial day weekend of 2022, please remember to thank those around you who have made it possible to live free and healthy lives. To this end, Prebiotin is pleased to provide every purchaser of our products in our store, with a site-wide 25% discount. And in turn, Prebiotin would like to donate $1 for every jar or carton of stick packs sold, to a worthy cause in support of our military and law enforcement. It is our way to remember and support those who hold these same values and recognize the sacrifice that allows us to seek the future we all deserve. The health of our nation starts with the health of every individual, and Prebiotin is the key to it all.

May God continue to bless the
United States of America.

Happy Memorial Day




From the CEO's Desk

Welcome to 2022!
A new year, and a new you!

It's been quite some time since we last spoke. I would like to bring you up to date with all things happening at Prebiotin of late.

Prebiotin's goal has always been to advance good gut health, which is most critical in these difficult times. We are now 2 years into a global "pandemic". One in which life and death has been a prevailing struggle for just about everyone. It matters not your religious or political beliefs, or your socio-ecomomic status, class, race or creed. We have all been impacted by Covid in one way or another. I hope that your way has not been one that your faith can not handle and see you through.

2021 was very much a transitional year for us at Prebiotin. Learning to adjust to life after the initial response to Covid throughout 2020, and its impacts, put a hold on many opportunities that we as a company were looking forward to. Although it did give us an opportunity to look inward and focus on our website, and internal processes to a greater extent. 

As we pushed on in preparation of new projects and ideas, we learned of the passing of our Founding Father, and leader in the field of prebiotics, Dr. Frank Jackson, in the fall of 2021. It was a sad moment in time for our company, but a much greater loss for the world at large. Frank was a true pioneer, born out of the "eat dirt" mold that  helped shape so much of this past century's understanding of the immune system, it's development and its importance for optimal health. Frank's time may have passed, but his spirit will live on in Prebiotin's mission.

Now as we focus on the future, Prebiotin is pleased to present it's latest revision of our newly upgraded website. As we resume building on the legacy of Frank Jackson, we hope that you find the new site more user friendly as well as informative for all your healthy gut related questions.

In addition, Prebiotin is pleased to present a new periodic newsletter in which we will endeavor to provide timely and relevant information to further benefit your health. Each month, we will be sending out informative articles and healthy tips in several separate formats.

  • Our "Nurture Series"  where we discuss relevant topics of interest with a specific focus on certain diseases and conditions.
  • Our "From the Doctor Series" which will focus on gut health with input from our medical director, Dr. Wilson Jackson.
  • Our "In the News with Prebiotin Series" of newsletters where we will pass along current events, and exciting happenings in the news that impact the Microbiome and gut health. Consider this the first of many efforts in this realm to come.
  • Periodically keep an eye open for special offers and discounts, which we will promote through our online store.

Again, we are excited for everything that is happening at Prebiotin. We have some special upcoming plans that we will be disclosing in the near future. Here at Prebiotin we are excitedly looking forward with great anticipation to a new year, and to turning the page on some of the most challenging times our nation, and the world, has ever faced. Prebiotin will never waiver in its goal to help benefit good gut health throughout the world, which has never been more important than it is today. We hope you stick with us, and enjoy the ride as you keep your gut healthy and happy, feeling better and doing more, with Prebiotin prebiotic fiber.

Best regards,
Ronald Walborn Jr, CEO.


Prebiotin mourns the passing of its Founding Father

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Prebiotin’s founder, Dr. Frank Jackson. Frank is considered by many to be one of the earliest pioneers of prebiotics, and spent his later years working tirelessly to research what he believed to be the most important aspect of good health, the study of prebiotics and its benefits in the gut. Prebiotin is truly grateful for his unwavering support and dedication to the field and our company. He will be sorely missed by so many.


Dr. Frank JacksonAfter his education at Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Jackson began treating patients with a myriad of intestinal concerns. As a successful and popular practicing gastroenterologist in Central Pennsylvania for 40 years, Dr. Frank W. Jackson was always fascinated with “all things gut related.” 

In later years, he tirelessly began researching the digestive value of prebiotics, determined to find the best type and formula for a prebiotic supplement that would be the most beneficial solution for a population suffering from the effects of an increasingly dysfunctional Western diet. A diet that is causing a dysfunctional gut microbiome, resulting in a disproportionate rise in disease and inflammation.

His visionary work has resulted in Prebiotin’s current participation in numerous scientific studies, including several funded by the National Institutes of Health. He is also the founder of several companies, including Jackson GI Medical, Chek-Med, GI Supply, and Meducate.

“I’ve been excited to find that the latest research shows the human gut to not just be the place where digestion ends, but the place where your health begins!” - Frank W. Jackson, MD

Frank Jackson was responsible for most of the content, including his popular and informative videos here on our website and on YouTube, until December of 2015, before retiring for medical reasons. This rich and abundant content is scientifically backed and will continue to be reviewed, updated and refreshed.