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Attention Subscription Customers

After evaluating the new subscription app, we decided that it did not have enough functions to satisfy our customers' needs.  We decided to return to the app we used previously.  With that app, you have the option of either logging in using the magic link to your subscription that you should receive in every email from us that pertains to your subscription, or logging into your general account and using the link provided there to access your subscription information.  Please remember that having a subscription does not mean that you have an account with us.  Creating an account will allow you to see all of your information in one place.  Using the subscription link found in your emails only allows you to see your subscription information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team and they will be glad to help!

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Have you heard?

Prebiotin is discontinuing our Prebiotin Weight Management product. So what does this mean for you, if you have used Prebiotin WM in the past?

Well nothing actually. Our plain Prebiotin prebiotic fiber and our Prebiotin Weight Management are the exact same products. Many people, customers or not, already know this. And this has been transparent to our customer base for a long time. But of course many people, and especially those new to our product line, may not yet understand this.

When Dr. Jackson developed Prebiotin, he recognized the benefits of prebiotic fiber for weight loss/weight management. In fact, he went so far as to proactively inform the FDA of the specific structure function claims that Prebiotin had to offer, for weight management purposes. (You can read all of the submissions to the FDA below.) So he wanted a separate product to offer to differentiate between the 2 purposes, but he didn't want something that added a number of unnecessary ingredients that wouldn't actually benefit the user of the product, and made it appear like most other weight loss gimmicks on the market today. He realized that plain Prebiotin was all people really needed to benefit their weight management. He just had to include the messaging that for weight management benefits, you just needed to increase the daily dosages of the plain Prebiotin prebiotic fiber. So he decided rather than changing the product, he would just change the label and express these differences on the product label to inform our customers of this fact.

Prebiotin has always sold Prebiotin weight management as a separate product, but it has always been Prebiotin plain fiber, identical to what you have received in the plain jar, or the stick packs. But this has added confusion for certain customers, and has always been something that we have had to address separately. At this point in time, to hopefully eliminate the confusion, we are discontinuing the weight management labeled product and will continue to sell plain Prebiotin for all the great reasons we have always offered Prebiotin in the past. If it's weight management benefits you are looking for, in the healthiest way possible, look no further than Prebiotin plain prebiotic fiber, and work on increasing your daily dosages to 2 - 3 scoops or more. That is, and has always been, Prebiotin for weight management.

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Good News!!

Plain Prebiotin Jar

Prebiotin Premier Prebiotic Fiber is Back in Stock!!


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From the CEO's Desk 


Are We Confused Yet?

Since the dawn of the probiotic supplement industry, we have been gradually inundated with more buzzwords than we can keep straight.

Prebiotics, Probiotics….Postbiotics…..Tri-biotics ????  What is that?

Prebiotin is here to help settle the confusion and hopefully guide you through the choices available to you. What are each, what is good or not, when do I want one vs another? Let’s see if we can help. 


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Have You Heard about Butyrate?

Butyrate is a bacterial compound found in healthy gut microbiomes, and is critically important to protect the lining of the gut and to address the problems that dysbiosis adds to bad health. Some researchers are studying the benefits of adding butyrate directly to our gut through diet or oral delivery methods, or even through injection.
However, Jackson GI Medical believes that Prebiotin can provide the nutritional supplementation needed through simple ingestion to increase butyrate levels in the gut. And we are not alone. 
Researchers at the University of Maryland have taken this approach in their studies of schizophrenia. They recognize that schizophrenia is characterized by a chronic pro-inflammatory state which contributes to the severity of a number of the clinical manifestations of the illness. They hypothesize that inflammation can be reduced by providing Prebiotin to stimulate butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut. To this point, their work shows much promise and new phases of study are ongoing. Prebiotin is proud to support their work in this area of gut health.
Increased butyrate levels are an important part of a healthy gut. A healthy gut may be the most critically important aspect of our overall health, affecting every bit of our bodies from top to bottom. The impact on brain health, and the study of schizophrenia is just one of so many examples. Inflammation throughout the body is like a lock preventing you from achieving your best health, and Prebiotin is the key to unlock that which prevents you from "feeling better and doing more"! We encourage you to see just what Prebiotin can do for you too.