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Team Prebiotin doesn’t want you to miss out on the chance to get and give your mother or someone you know the gift of great gut health this Mother’s Day. Prebiotin fiber makes the perfect gift for your mom, or anyone.

 Our 2 gram stick packs are the perfect companion to go with all of our Prebiotin products. Take Mom out for a delicious Mother’s day feast, and take along a couple of your Prebiotin stick packs to feed your gut ! The perfect choice to compliment your every day jar, 2 gram stick packs fit easily in your pocketbook or purse, or right in your pocket. Mom will be so pleased knowing you and your loved ones are supporting the good gut bacteria and crowding out the bad in your gut.

Best of all, our Prebiotin products are a no-fuss way to stay mindful while celebrating Mom. Just add to your morning smoothie, afternoon snack or dinner entree. You’ll be feeling regular, feel fuller, and ready to go about your day with a happy and healthy gut !

As a gift, our products provide a healthy, easy way to show your loved ones just how much you care. Be the son our daughter who who thinks beyond that same old box of candy or bouquet of flowers. Be the trend!

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Finally, Prebiotin is the Premier Prebiotic Fiber that just plain works. Treat yourself to the best formula on the market today. Backed by third-party science and made to help your good gut bacteria right where it belongs.

Want to know how to improve gut health all year long ? Check out our latest blog post and give the gift of health this Mothers Day!!

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