Fat in the liver without alcohol

What we continue to learn about the bacterial function in the lower gut exceeds anything we could ever imagine. With the epidemic of obesity, we are now seeing a huge increase in a condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver. It is pretty much similar to the fatty liver we see in people who drank too much which is a known fore-runner to cirrhosis of the liver. We did not have any good ideas how this might have occurred. Oh yes, perhaps you just ate too much fatty food and the fat overload got parked in the liver. Most of us physicians did not believe that rather a simplistic idea. Now we may know.

We know that overweight people have a bad makeup of bad bacteria in the gut which in and of itself was not healthy. This discovery occurred because of very new science developments in how we can identify bacteria. Now we know something else. The bacteria in the colon make over 300 substances or metabolites, many of which pop into the gas in the colon. These substances can now be measured rather accurately.

People with fatty liver have over 220 different substances made by bacteria, mostly bad ones, in the colon. Most importantly many of them are either plain alcohol or closely related to alcohol.

That is what I just said. For the first time, we now know that bad gut bacteria in overweight people make alcohol which is absorbed and reaches the liver. You don’t have to drink alcohol to get its bad liver effects. Your bad gut bacteria make it for you! If you have bad gut bacteria, you can get the same result. See the following link for the science paper.

How bad gut bacteria produce alcohol which goes to and damages the liver.

Of course losing weight is the best treatment. Along with that, changing the bacteria mix from bad to good by a rich intake of prebiotics will do the trick as well. The best way to get them is with prebiotic rich foods. When that is not possible, a prebiotic supplement can be useful. Our Prebiotin is the best prebiotic supplement available. Use code ALCOHOL15 to get a 15% discount until Aug 15.

With best wishes for a healthy gut, body and mind.

Frank Jackson MD


Jackson GI Medical

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