International Customers

For our International Customers who are having issues placing their order, please follow these instructions –

  • Place Items into cart.
  • Review items in your cart and immediately click on “Calculate Shipping” before proceeding further.
  • First select country for example, Australia.
  • Then select the territory.
  • Finally enter the applicable postal code.
  • Click update and it should then provide the available shipping options.
  • Click proceed to checkout
  • On the checkout screen, your zip/postal code should already be entered at the bottom along with your State (Territory) and Country Code. Make a note as to this information. You will need to enter your specific suburb, but if any information changes at the bottom at any time you are entering the rest of your information, you should be able to change it back to what should be correct. If the shipping charges change, they should recalculate automatically once you re-enter the correct suburb, state and country codes. We are having an issue where once you tab past the zip/postal code field, the system wants to change the state and country fields automatically. So we hope this helps in understanding where the glitch in our system seems to be impacting our international customers. We are working diligently to get this corrected.

If you have any further problems, please contact us directly for more help.  1-855-466-3488