Newsletter – August 15, 2018

Diabetes–8 things–Prebiotin helps your gut!


Could the cause and cure for diabetes begin in your gut?

With every study, research is more definite that if you have diabetes, you also have an unhealthy mix of bacteria in your gut. In a year when the “microbiome” is finally becoming a household word, the nearly 5,000 diabetes educators who will attend this year’s annual American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) conference, AADE18, in Baltimore (August 17-20), may find gut bacteria is at the heart of new therapeutic approaches for diabetes, especially if they visit the Prebiotin booth.

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What causes diabetes?

People with type 2 disease often develop the disease as they reach middle age (over the age of 45), although with increasing obesity rates, even younger people are being diagnosed with the disease. While there may be a family history with type 2 diabetes as well, many people become diabetic as a result of overweight or obesity, lack of exercise, and health problems like high blood pressure.

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Annie goes on Vacation

Annie takes us on a tour of San Diego and shows us around town in the lastest Microbiome Minute!


Sweet Scallop Skewers

If you could wrap up all the flavors of the Mediterranean into one dish it would be this one. Blending bitter and sweet with the fresh, briny flavor of the sea, this recipe brings me back to the Greek Islands. Itʼs almost effortless to make. The great thing about scallops is that theyʼre low in mercury and rich in quality proteins.

Enjoy this healthful and delicious recipe in convenient PDF form.

Also, enjoy recipes for Mediterranean Chicken and Fava with Roasted Vegetables.

Recipes from Wild Mediterranean Cookbook, compliments of Stella Metsovas.

You Frequently Ask…
Can Prebiotin help with diabetes?

Research has shown that type 2 diabetes is almost always associated with higher levels of undesirable bacteria in the gut. This unfavorable mixture of bacteria, called dysbiosis, leads to chronic inflammation, the main cause of diabetes-related injuries to the blood vessels. Studies have shown that regular use of Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber, along with a high fiber diet, can reduce inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of developing diabetes and its impact. Click here for more information about Prebiotin and diabetes.

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I just can’t believe it and so badly hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it, lol but prebiotin is the best thing to happen to me ever!! I am 80 years young and have had IBS since about age 12. As my husband used to say, “you know where every bathroom is” and truly so. I had begun to think there was something really wrong with my gut but holy cow it’s so much better it’s unbelievable! I only wish I had found you years ago, I could have been “normal”! My gut is so much more “quiet” now. Sorry to rave on and on but just want to thank you for helping me.

– Carol, SC

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