Non-Calorie Sweetener Side Effects Discovered

Splenda (sucralose), Sweet and Low (saccharin) and Equal (aspartame) are in the news today. A report in the most prestigious science journal, Nature, reports on an outstanding study on the above non-calorie sweeteners. Of course, we all have been using these non-calorie sweeteners (NCS) because they have no calories and we assumed they had no side effects, or so the manufacturers and the FDA said. Not true!

Here is what this study said:artificial-sweeteners-diabetes (1)

1. In mice, these NCSs caused aggravation of type 2 diabetes and no weight loss.
2. These sweeteners cause a major bad change in the colon bacteria makes up. This is called dysbiosis and it contributes to weight gain and diabetes type 2.
3. The researchers then fed the NCSs to 381 non-diabetic people and found that the same thing occurred in them- dysbiosis in colon bacteria and the fasting blood sugar rose.
4. Finally, 7 nondiabetic volunteers underwent a detailed study after taking one of the sweeteners. After only 4 days, their blood sugar became elevated and their gut bacteria changed badly.

Well, this is just the first really reliable and unbiased study on these non-caloric sweeteners. We all thought they were safe. Now we know that likely is not the case. More research is needed but I have switched to Stevia or even back to plain sugar when Stevia is not available.

And the final finale. Our Prebiotin is a natural plant fiber which has a mild natural sweet taste. It corrects dysbiosis in the bowel bacteria. It seems to be a benefit to blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. Try our prebiotic supplement for weight management today!

*The synopsis below of the detailed article in Nature is written for a science savvy person. My comments above condense this information for the average reader.


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