Prebiotic Supplements for Controlling Weight

It is well known that a diet comprised of healthy nutrients, when combined with adequate exercise, helps people lose or maintain a healthy weight. A lesser-known fact, however, is that prebiotics, a specialized plant-based fiber that aids the colon in good bacteria growth, can help control goal-defeating food cravings as well as overall appetite. Here is how metabolic prebiotic supplements can make you feel healthier on the inside while you look healthier on the outside.

Prebiotic Supplements that Improve MetabolismWeight Control

Numerous studies from the past 15 years indicate adding prebiotic supplements to the diet changes the composition of healthy gut bacteria for the better. Unlike probiotics  — commonly available in supplement and food forms, such as yogurt — prebiotics are easier to incorporate into the diet. Weight control prebiotic supplements also cost less than probiotics.

In addition to controlling weight and aiding digestion, prebiotic supplements also help the body more easily absorb important minerals such as calcium. The Prebiotin family of metabolism-boosting prebiotic supplements includes inulin and oligofructose, two essential components of digestive health.

Prebiotics in Nature

For many, securing an adequate supply of dietary inulin and oligofructose is easy. Wheat, onions, and garlic all contain these important prebiotics, as do yams and bananas. Unfortunately, many can’t or won’t eat these carbohydrates, or they don’t consume up to the 15 grams necessary for intestinal health. Whether for weight control reasons or health reasons, such as celiac disease or gluten intolerance, people who don’t consume adequate inulin and oligofructose — and don’t supplement with additional prebiotics — risk gastrointestinal distress.

The good news is, improving and maintaining gastrointestinal health and regularity is easier with Prebiotin prebiotic supplements. Prebiotin helps the colon produce the desirable bacteria that aids weight control and digestion. Without it, bad bacteria flourish.

Without Metabolic Prebiotic Supplements

When bacteria are bad, they are really, really bad.

Ask anyone suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or who cannot consume wheat why prebiotics are important and you’ll likely get an earful of distressing symptoms. But those who incorporate a Prebiotin regimen are more likely to report a reduction in these symptoms’ severity.

In addition to stimulating appetite control, prebiotics offers a measure of protection against gastric health issues, possibly including cancer. Weight control, better absorption of calcium, a stronger immune system and improved regularity also result from prebiotic supplements that improve bacterial metabolism.

Prebiotin and You

Incorporate Prebiotin into your health regimen and discover what those at the state-of-the-science already know: prebiotics:

  • promote fullness
  • control weight and appetite
  • boost your immune system and calcium absorption
  • improve regularity
  • prevent infection
  • stops the “leaky gut”

Make your body healthier inside and out with Prebiotin prebiotic supplements today.