Prebiotics Found to Counteract Obesity

New and important independent research concludes incorporating prebiotic fiber into a healthy, balanced diet positively affects genetic behavior patterns. Here’s the latest information on how Prebiotin prebiotic fiber can change dysbiosis — an imbalance of bacteria— in your colon, resulting in a healthier, more slender you.

Prebiotics and Obesity

Although gastrointestinal physicians have long known that a disproportionate amount of unhealthy bacteria live in the guts of overweight patients until now there has been no conclusive data on how prebiotic fiber might aid with considerable weight loss.

Now, however, findings show that not only do overweight individuals suffer from an unhealthy bacterial mix in the gut but also incorporating a regimen of prebiotics into the diet helps these same overweight individuals lose weight, according to Belgian researchers at the Université Catholique de Louvain and published in the peer-reviewed British Journal of Nutrition.

A Balance in Bacteria

Prebiotin prebiotics, comprised of natural plant fibers oligofructose and inulin, regulate the gut’s bacterial mix, resulting in a healthier colon. Once considered a minor player in overall health, physicians now consider the colon a major health organ due to its profound effects on an individual’s overall health. Quite simply, a healthy bacterial mix in the gut equals a healthier — and more slender — you.

These researchers confirmed what many in the gut health business already knew or suspected: dysbiosis can be improved or eliminated through the regular use of a prebiotic supplement. And although Prebiotin prebiotic fiber will not cure obesity, it will improve gut health, now shown to directly affect obesity and other common gastrointestinal disorders.

Sources of Prebiotic Fiber

Although it is possible to consume prebiotic fiber through a healthy diet, many individuals cannot or will not eat the foods required to secure adequate fiber intake. For example, whole grain cereals provide copious prebiotic fibers, as do onions, garlic, and other nutrients; however, many avoid these foods for medical and health reasons. If this describes you, Prebiotin can help.

Prebiotin makes it easy to consume adequate dietary prebiotic fiber in an all-natural, low-calorie way. Try Prebiotin and discover how a healthy gut means a healthier you.


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