This topic is one of the most compelling in my field of gastroenterology. The research evidence is now so strong. Being overweight is a huge national problem. Along with obesity comes type 2 diabetes and a fatty, inflamed liver. Coronary heart disease is not too far behind. Think of this entire problem in 3 parts.

1. Good colon bacteria
These are often called the Bifido group (Bifidobacter). These are the very best bacteria to have in the gut. A high prebiotic fiber diet or one with prebiotics added stimulate the Bifido bacteria group. A high saturated fat diet prevents this from happening. Bad bacteria move in and these bad ones are much better at creating more calories within the colon. Bad bacteria means more weight gain. It is simple as that.

Bacteria in children’s gut predicts obesity

2. Appetite regulation
There is a hormone made in your stomach that makes you hungry. When the stomach is empty, this hormone is produced, it goes into the blood and hits the brain. Hunger! When food hits your lower intestine, other hormones there tell you that you are full. Non-caloric prebiotic fibers shift these hormones in the desirable way even when you are not eating. Use them to help control your appetite.

Prebiotic fibers effect gut appetite hormones in a good way

3.Blood glucose and lipids

Prebiotics leads to better blood glucose and blood lipid control. It is that simple. Used regularly prebiotics can help to normalize blood sugar. It is probably best to use them early in the am and mid afternoon to get the best effect.

Prebiotics improve glucose levels in diabetic patients

So that is the bottom line. Prebiotics can be helpful in weight management and may be helpful in glycemic control in type 2 diabetes. The following link is to a recent medical report.

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  1. Bassie Thoreau says:

    1 gram of faeces contains more than 9 billion bacteria …
    Bacteria are tiny factories ..they manufacture Vitamins..break down toxins and TRAIN your immune system ….so you absolutely need a healthy microbiome in your gut working for you .Prebiotics can kick start your body and start to colonise your GUT with beneficial microbes….to turn your life around …..keep pumping with fibre and the right prebiotics for your blood type even if it takes years ……

  2. Michelle says:

    My daughter has always has a distended abdomen and gassy since she was a baby. Doctors passed it off first as colic then later as constipation (which she did have), but can’t explain now why as a 19 yr old she never developed a feminine hourglass shape. Although she is an athlete (rower), her arms & legs were thin and strong and watched what she ate, but she always looked 6 mos pregnant no matter how much she exercised. An abdominal X-ray just showed some constipation but nothing bad. But Her waist hip ratio is .91 and terribly affects her self esteem. I’ve always wondered if she’s had gut dysbiosis since being an infant because while breastfeeding I was on antibiotics for my walking pneumonia, and had many antibiotics prescribed for ear infections up till age 7. I am desperate– can her gut still be healed with prebiotics and prebiotin or is her gut flora ruined permanently now? Does the gut have the ability to heal after 19 yrs? What else can she do? Please help!

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