Gut-Brain Interaction

The idea that there could be an interaction between the brain and gut seemed beyond absurd up until several years ago. Now we have increasing scientific evidence that this, indeed, occurs. The huge types and numbers of bacteria within the lower gut almost guarantee it. You see, these bacteria make literally hundreds of chemicals as part of their normal metabolism. Many of these slip through the bowel wall and enter the blood. From there it is a short step to the brain where some of them have been found to be active within the brain itself. The following article speaks to the large group of functional gastrointestinal patients such as irritable bowel syndrome and how their brain function may well be related to the bacterial makeup of the gut.

The relationship between the gut bacteria and brain function in irritable bowel syndrome.

This article speaks frankly to the likelihood of the interaction between the gut’s bacterial load and the function of the brain. The question is how you can favorably change the bacteria within the gut so that positive brain function occurs. This is closer to reality than you think.

Do the brain and the gut talk to each other?