What To Expect

What to Expect When Taking Prebiotin

Depending on what the initial symptoms are, one could expect an improvement in 1-2 weeks. Of course, the true benefit of prebiotic supplementation is the long-term health benefits derived from a balanced and well-nourished colon.

Increased Sense of Well Being

It is remarkable how many people tell us that they feel so much improved within a few days of starting Prebiotin. We do not know why this occurs so quickly but it is a fact.

Managing Flatus with Prebiotic Supplements

Some people have these symptoms, especially those people with irritable bowel syndrome. If too much of any prebiotic is used, excessive and harmless gas may be produced. Should this occur, simply reduce the dose and gradually increase it to tolerance.

Gas and Prebiotics

Malodorous flatus smell occurs from the production of sulfide gases (hydrogen sulfide). The bacteria that make this gas do not grow in an acid environment. Prebiotin beneficially acidifies the colon contents. When flatus no longer has a noxious smell, a good dose of Prebiotin has been reached. Continue Prebiotin at this dose level to optimize the prebiotic effect while managing flatus.