This is RED HEART month according to the American Heart Association. The bacteria in the gut are probably linked to heart disease. Bad bacteria meant more heart disease. Good bacteria lead to less heart disease. Our prebiotics were right there with the good guys. What research has happened in the last year? It is simply amazing.


Like it or not, your gut and your heart are intimately tied together. Here is what we now know based on some rather fancy research (link 1):

  • A high saturated fat and high meat diet leads to a weakness in the colon wall-a leaky gut
  • Breakdown products from colon bacteria move through this leaky gut wall and become endotoxins or toxins in the blood
  • These factors cause chronic inflammation throughout the body, including the coronary arteries (link 2)
  • Just this year colon bacteria themselves have been found in the blood and in the coronary arteries and coronary plaque itself
  • To tighten up the colon wall and prevent these bacteria marauders from getting into your blood, you need to change the mix of colon bacteria from bad to good.
  • A first step is to modify, not change, but simply significantly reduce the saturated fat and meat in the diet.
  • A 2nd step would be moderate the diet to a plant based one which includes vegetables rich in prebiotic fiber. If you have trouble doing this, consider a prebiotic supplement such as Prebiotin


So turn February into RED HEART AND RED COLON BACTERIA month. I recommend our PREBIOTIN HEART HEALTH to get your get your gut in sink with your heart. Use code HEART15 for a 15% discount until March 7



Bacteria in the Heart Arteries

Bacteria Causing Inflammation of the Heart Arteries

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