Study Confirms Prebiotic Fiber Works For Weight Loss

fat mouseThe University of Calgary has confirmed in a recent study that oligofructose prebiotic fiber supplements allowed rats to gain 1/3 less weight than their peers. The study included rats who received a prebiotic fiber supplement along with their high fat and high sugar diet alongside a group eating the same diet minus the prebiotic fiber. According to the results of the study shared by CBC, “Animals given fiber supplements had 35 percent less weight gain than those who were not given fiber supplements.”

Below is an interview with the researchers from the University of Calgary describing the incredible results of the study:


You may have heard that fiber is generally important for overall wellness, but not all fiber is easily found in the foods you eat each day. Inulin and oligofructose are two such fibers that are found naturally in foods such as raw chicory root and raw Jerusalem artichoke, but the unfortunate reality is that even diets high in prebiotic-rich foods do not provide a recommended daily serving. This would be the equivalent of eating nearly 1/4 pound of raw asparagus every single day!

Fortunately, Prebiotin’s 100% natural prebiotic fiber supplements provide an easy way to ensure your body is receiving all the known benefits of a full-spectrum prebiotic. Those benefits not only include improved weight management, but also increased calcium absorption, enhanced immunity, bowel regularity, and potentially better mental health.

Learn more about the role of prebiotics in healthy weight loss by visiting our educational page on weight management.

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