The Prebiotin Formula: Oligofructose-Enriched Inulin

Prebiotics, along with probiotics, are now getting recognized as the beneficial supplements that they are. You may hear that certain fruits are prebiotics. Banana is the only known fruit with a prebiotic in it. Don’t be fooled by any other hype. Likewise, FOS is prebiotic but it acts only in a local area of the gut. Our premier formula of oligofructose and inulin acts throughout the entire colon. It is by far the most researched prebiotic available and is the reason I got into this field. So what does it specifically do? (medical link below)

The good things that happen

  • The very best bacteria in the gut grow exuberantly and crowd out the bad ones
  • Butyrate – a wonderful substance that the good bacteria make and that keep the bowel wall extremely tight and healthy – no leaky gut
  • Proprionate – this beneficial molecule is produced in the gut and goes to the liver where it does some amazingly good things – less fat, may fight off cancer etc.
  • Acetate – this substance, again produced by good gut bacteria, slips into the blood and then enters the brain where it actually exerts some positive behavioral effects in animals, probably humans, too.

The bad things that don’t happen

  • Toxins produced by bad bacteria are reduced. One such is cresyl. Who wants these?
  • Sulfides – these are the smelly gases in flatus. Not only do they smell bad, but they can also act badly on the lining of the colon. Our Prebiotin reduces or stops the production of these gases by acidifying the colon.

There is lots more in the medical literature, but you get the idea. Get proven prebiotics for your own gut. Our Prebiotin is the leader. Try to take 2 doses a day, one in the morning and another in the late afternoon to reduce your appetite for the evening.

Yours in good health,

Frank W Jackson MD


Jackson GI Medical

The wonders that Prebiotin, oligofructose-enriched inulin, do in the body.

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