Why You’d Never Want a “Total” Body Cleanse

digestive healthImage: Tips Times

Many people who want to lose weight or feel more energetic think jump-starting the process with a “total” body cleanse is the right, healthy thing to do. Unfortunately, ridding the lower colon of all its bacteria can do more harm than good. Here is why adjusting your lower gut bacterial mix is the right way to start a better lifestyle.

Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Hundreds of bacterial species depend on a single human being for nourishment. Although this cringe-inducing statement can make some run for the antibacterial soap, the vast majority of microbes living on and in humans are harmless or beneficial. In fact, recent research from the American Gut project and overseas indicates that good health not only results from bacteria, it depends on it.

Unfortunately, a body “cleanse” doesn’t enhance the benefits of these healthy bacteria. Instead, a cleanse simply removes nearly all the bacteria — the good, the harmless and the bad — leaving the colon as a blank slate. When “cleansing” stops, pathogens are again free to grow, repeating an extremely unhealthy cycle.

The Better Way to Cleanse

Instead of flushing your body completely clean of the good and bad bacteria while living on faith that only the good bacteria will grow back, why not instead squelch the production of the bad while fertilizing the good? With prebiotic fiber, you can do just that.

Unlike delicate probiotics-infused foods that may not survive the trip through the digestive system long enough to provide any health benefits, prebiotic fiber enters the colon intact. As the most tested prebiotic supplement on the market, Prebiotin is proven to help good bacteria flourish while stifling the production of the bad. And unlike dangerous colon “cleanses” that can lead to bowel perforations, increase the risk of infection and cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea and vomiting, Prebiotin all-natural prebiotic fiber is proven safe and effective.

What Prebiotics Can Do

Prebiotin, comprised of plant fibers oligofructose and inulin, is a full-spectrum lower gut supplement that encourages healthy gut bacteria to grow. Healthy lower gut bacteria are effective tools in the fight against obesity, disease, bowel trouble and more. It improves regularity and decreases the risk factors of inflammation. And because most people don’t consume enough onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke and chicory root to enjoy the health benefits prebiotics provide, chances are you can benefit from adding Prebiotin prebiotic fiber to your diet.

Explore the latest science behind lower gut health and find out how Prebiotin can help you live a healthier lifestyle without cleansing today.

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