Toxins in the Gut and Blood – Part 2

Last July I did a blog and email broadcast on the above subject, where credible medical researchers finally identified true toxins in the blood that arose from a leaky colon wall. You can review that article below. In a word, it showed that a high saturated fat and meat diet leads to a leaky gut which allows parts of bacteria to slip through the colon wall and into the blood stream. There they cause truly damaging effects like chronic inflammation, even in coronary arteries. These are true toxins. In medicine, we call them endotoxins.

Another profoundly important piece of the toxin puzzle has now been identified. Within the colon, the vast community of bacteria makes many different chemicals, that scientists call metabolites. Put together it is called a metabolic profile. Using this new technique, they have identified at least 107 of these chemicals. Many are unwanted and cause damage to the body’s tissues. These are real and clearly known toxins. The reference is below. Using the prebiotic oligofructose-enriched inulin, which is our Prebiotin, they were able to change the bacterial makeup in a favorable manner and reduce or eliminate many of these toxins.

So here is what we now know. A diet low in prebiotics and high in saturated fat and meat leads to:

  • Bacteria breakdown materials in the blood
  • Many chemicals made by colon bacteria which are toxins when they are absorbed into the blood

“Cleansing the colon or body” is all the rage with many people. It would seem to make sense that sweeping the colon clean of bacteria would be helpful. But this type of cleansing is not helpful. You can never, nor would you ever want to, make your colon free of bacteria. These rascals do so many good things for us-immunity, calcium absorption, vitamins and many more.

No, you don’t want to cleanse your colon this unproven way. You want to change the bacterial mix to a more healthy one. By so doing, you tighten up the wall of the colon, prevent a leaky gut and you reduce the production of nasty chemicals or metabolites that some bacteria make. This is true cleansing of the colon of toxins. It does not use unproven mixes of herbs, laxatives or enemas that can rid the body of so many good bacteria. It uses a higher fiber intake in the diet, a lower ingestion of saturated fats and meat and a prebiotic like our Prebiotin. You can get Prebiotin at For a 15% discount until April 25 use the discount code TOXIN15.

Best wishes for a real and healthy cleansing of the colon.

Frank W Jackson MD


Jackson GI Medical 

Prebiotics reduce toxins in the colon

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