Response to Video Comments on IBD

I’ve received some comments on two of the videos I recently filmed concerning Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis (watch below).

Thank you for all your comments. Let me try to make it a little more clear as to what my videos on IBD were meant to say.

  • There is clearly a genetic link to getting IBD
  • There is something else. The incidence of IBD has risen dramatically over the past 60 years, especially so in developed countries. Why?
  • Almost all gastroenterologists think it is something in the environment, ie in the foods and/or additives that are put in foods.
  • You can’t get IBD without gut bacteria being involved.
  • There is now clear cut evidence that IBD patients have dysbiosis of the gut bacteria- many more bad bacteria than good ones. We don’t know why this is, but—
  • One answer may be the huge swing in the Western diet to a high meat and saturated fat diet.  Yes, even healthy athletes generally feed on lots of meat.
  • We know very little about what additives may do in the gut of IBD patients, but there are literally thousands of FDA approved additives that food manufacturers can use. Eat fresh and avoid prepared packaged foods.
  • Were I still in practice I would tell my Crohns patients to learn about and avoid emulsifier food additives. They are everywhere. They may destroy the mucous layer overriding the gut.
  • I would tell my ulcerative colitis patients to increase prebiotics in the diet until their flatus doesn’t smell. It means they are not making the toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • I would push diet toward a plant based diet with a reduction in animal protein, especially red meat, so as to get rid of dysbiosis.

I welcome your comments. Let me know how I can communicate better.

Dr. Frank W. Jackson



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