The 3 Worst Weight Loss Gimmicks

Are you sick of reading about weight loss products only to find they’re a gimmick that not only doesn’t work, but also takes your hard-earned money? Weight loss gimmicks are no different than a salesperson pitching sugar water as a cure for anything that ails you. s include:

  1. The Sauna Suit — Made from some kind of futuristic silver material, the Sauna Suit is supposed to help you lose weight by “evaporating” your excess weight. Unfortunately, fat cannot be evaporated. It has to be consumed by physical activity and calorie oxidation. All the Sauna Suit may be good for is a serious bout with dehydration.
  1. The Shake Weight — More famous for coming up with the phrase “dynamic inertia” than for helping people lose weight, the Shake Weight is a classic weight loss gimmick used by unethical companies that take advantage of people who have difficulty losing weight.
  2. Slimming Belts — A classic example of a weight loss gimmick that has been around for more than a century is the slimming belt. Just put the belt around your waist, turn on the machine, and let the belt jerk and jolt your weight into oblivion. Can you believe your great-grandmother or grandmother probably believed the salesman selling this completely useless gadget?

Science-Backed Weight Loss Methods Are Not Gimmicks

Before you waste your time on another gimmick, why not turn to science? As specialized physicians learn more about the human body, gastroenterologists have made remarkable discoveries about the importance of your gut health. Your gut collectively describes your colon and intestines, where thousands of different species of “good” and “bad” bacteria work to support your immune system.

Due to a variety of negative influences involving antibiotic use, chronic stress, poor eating habits and diseases, your gut bacteria may suffer from dysbiosis, or disharmony between good and bad bacteria. With dysbiosis, the bad bacteria take over your gut and can make it difficult for your intestines to properly digest and process nutrients in the food you eat.

Prebiotics are remarkable soluble fiber required for good bacteria to exist. When you have more good bacteria than bad bacteria in your gut, your immune system is healthy and your metabolism hums along to help lower your body weight. In fact, prebiotics are so effective at eliminating dysbiosis, you may find other chronic health problems disappearing, along with your weight. Research has also found that overweight people have more firmicutes and less bacteriodetes in their gut than individuals who were weight/height proportionate.

Luckily, you can reverse dysbiosis with a product like Prebiotin Weight Management. By increasing the population of good bacteria, your body will no longer be retaining calories, toxins and other materials that have prevented you from achieving your weight loss management goals. With a simple prebiotic supplement, weight loss is no longer an unrealistic gimmick — it becomes an attainable goal that is simple to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle!

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