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Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber jar and powder with scoop
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Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber



60 Servings - 240g

Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber Supplement supports health and immunity by nourishing beneficial bacteria, and gives your diet an extra boost of healthy fiber at the same time. Prebiotin is all natural and gluten-free. It dissolves easily in any liquid or food.

Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber – 4g

Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber Supplement offers a full-spectrum prebiotic (Oligofructose-Enriched-Inulin, or OEI), sourced from chicory root. Unlike ordinary prebiotics such as Inulin or FOS, OEI ensures that Prebiotin nourishes beneficial bacteria throughout the colon. OEI is also the most-researched prebiotic, used in many university and clinical studies.

Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber Supplement for digestive health comes in a 240 gram jar – 60 servings – with a convenient measured serving scoop. Add and stir vigorously one to two scoops daily to your favorite beverage, or sprinkle over food to receive the full benefit of recommended dosage. See Using Prebiotin for specific usage instructions.

Prebiotin fiber prebiotic supplements are fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, gluten free, vegetarian and low in carbohydrates. All the extra healthy "prebiotic" fiber you need, but difficult to get in today's modern diet.


Benefits of Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber

  • Increases good colon bacteria
  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Stronger bone density
  • Enhances immunity
  • Supports cardiovascular and heart health
  • Weight management
  • Appetite control
  • Corrects colon dysbiosis (bad bacteria)
  • Corrects leaky gut
  • Eliminates smelly flatus and gas
  • Better total digestive health
Usage Instructions

Prebiotin prebiotic fiber can be mixed in any food or liquid, hot or cold. (Hot or room temperature preferred). Put it in any beverage, sprinkle it on your food, the options are limited only to your imagine, since there is very little taste with our plain Prebiotin. When dissolved it is barely perceptible, if at all. 

4 grams (1 scoop) is the minimum recommended dosage. We advise starting out slow, 1 or 2 grams at most, and work up to between 4 - 8 grams over time. If weight management benefits are what you are looking for, 8 - 12 grams, or more per day is the level you need to be working up to and maintaining. Our clinical studies all use approx. 16 grams per day in their research. Gov't recommended levels of fiber in our diets daily are between 25 and 35 grams approx. for women and men. If we don't get enough basic fiber in our diets through our food, Prebiotin is the BEST way to get that added fiber, while also providing the highest quality prebiotic fiber available, to benefit your good gut health.

At the higher levels, you would certainly want to spread your intake out across different times of the day, but there are no rules as to when and how you take it. Try to be consistent with the timing each day, as your good bacteria will look forward to being fed daily. There are no concern of interactions with food and other medications, and if you take a good quality probiotic, take Prebiotin at the same time to provide the food that probiotic bacteria needs to grow. But otherwise its all up to you and what works for you.

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