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The Prebiotin family of nutritional supplements are all-natural, plant based, full-spectrum prebiotic fiber supplements.

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We focus on helping you achieve great gut health with our premier prebiotic fiber. Explore all of the science and medical information about how prebiotics can benefit your life.

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Prebiotics and Probiotics

What are they? How do they differ? How do they work together?

Which Prebiotin is Right for Me?

Prebiotin® gives you the choice of our Premier Plain Fiber in jar, capsules or packets (stick packs) and has specialty blends for Heart Health and Regularity. Which best suits your needs and lifestyle?

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Research & Clinical Studies Using Prebiotin


Being chosen as the product best suited to give optimal results in independent, third-party studies makes us very proud.

Dr. Leigh Greathouse, Baylor College of Medicine

“Prebiotin altered gut microbiome composition, and significantly lowered stress.”

A fiber intervention to prevent weight gain and reduce stress levels for physicians in training.
Deanna L. Kelly, Pharm.D, BCPP, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Treatment Research Program at the MPRC, UMB

“We are excited about this opportunity to examine the effects of Prebiotin on outcomes connecting the brain to the gut in people with schizophrenia.”

“Prebiotic Treatment in People with Schizophrenia,” – human trial - University of Maryland
Dominic Raj, M.D., director of the division of nephrology and professor of medicine at the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences

"It is exciting to be working with a team of outstanding, world renowned investigators to identify the most effective treatment for one of the most vulnerable patient populations that we know of"

The Microbiome and p-Inulin in Hemodialysis: A Feasibility Study - George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences

From Our Customers


Your prebiotics are absolutely amazing! I've noticed incredible increase in my sense of well being.

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David A

I just can’t believe it and so badly hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it, lol but prebiotin is the best thing to happen to me ever!! I am 80 years young and have had IBS since about age 12. As my husband used to say, “you know where every bathroom is” and truly so. I had begun to think there was something really wrong with my gut but holy cow it’s so much better it’s unbelievable! I only wish I had found you years ago, I could have been “normal”! My gut is so much more “quiet” now. Sorry to rave on and on but just want to thank you for helping me.

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I am a 76 year-old male who thought he had a sensible diet, but my diverticulosis was turning into diverticulitis too often. So I started using Prebiotin. Ever since then I have not had an attack of diverticulitis, for which I am forever grateful.

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Peter Wise

I want to thank you for teaching me all about the Prebiotin fiber. Since I have started, my digestive system has been so much more regular than it has been in years. I have had no constipation, which was always a problem for me before, and now my weight is getting better as I am not as hungry as I used to be. Thank you so much!

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Ida May

AMAZED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!I have been using Prebiotin Prebiotic for several months now. My digestive problems are all gone! Regularity is like clockwork every day. I saw results in less than a week! This product is amazing for digestive health and I will never stop using it. I am very impressed with the company's first class customer service aswell! FIVE STARS!

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Andreas A.

Hello! I would like to thank you so much for your product. It has truly changed my life. I have struggled with bowel and digestive issues for years. After using your product twice a day for a few months, I feel like I am in perfect health. I can't thank you enough!

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