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About Us


Our Mission at Jackson GI Medical is to empower improved gut microbiome health worldwide, eliminating gut imbalance through the development and responsible marketing of natural prebiotic fiber supplements backed by medically credible third-party research.


A world free of gut imbalance-caused diseases and conditions due the to lack of prebiotic fiber.


Our guiding Value is to treat our customers, affiliates and Prebiotin team members as we would want to be treated: with honesty, respect, compassion and transparency.

Dr. Frank Jackson, Visionary
Dr. Jackson's Name Plate

After his education at Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Jackson began treating patients with a myriad of intestinal concerns. As a successful and popular practicing gastroenterologist in Central Pennsylvania for 40 years, Dr. Frank W. Jackson was always fascinated with “all things gut related.” 

In later years, he tirelessly began researching the digestive value of prebiotics, determined to find the best type and formula for a prebiotic supplement that would be the most beneficial solution for a population suffering from the effects of an increasingly dysfunctional Western diet. A diet that is causing a dysfunctional gut microbiome, resulting in a disproportionate rise in disease and inflammation.

His visionary work has resulted in Prebiotin’s current participation in numerous scientific studies, including several funded by the National Institutes of Health. He is also the founder of several companies, including Jackson GI Medical, Chek-Med, GI Supply, and Meducate.

“I’ve been excited to find that the latest research shows the human gut to not just be the place where digestion ends, but the place where your health begins!” -

Frank W. Jackson, MD

Frank Jackson was responsible for most of the content, including his popular and informative videos videos here on our website and on YouTube, until December of 2015, before retiring for medical reasons. This rich and abundant content is scientifically backed and will continue to be reviewed, updated and refreshed. 

Meet Our Team

photo of Ronald E. Walborn Jr

Ronald E. Walborn Jr.

photo of Ron Walborn Sr

Ronald E. Walborn Sr., CPA

Chairman, CFO
photo of F. Wilson Jackson

F. Wilson Jackson, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF

Medical Director
photo of Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper

Director of Product and Business Development

Director of Product and Business Development

Learn more about Greg Cooper.

For more team profiles, please visit our Contributing Professionals page.


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PLF Writes Guest Blog for Prebiotin 

Christian John Lillis and Liam Lillis, co-founders of the Peggy Lillis Foundation, previously wrote a guest blog post for Prebiotin. PLF was proud to have Prebiotin as a Gala sponsor and supporter of the mission to build a nationwide C. diff awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates, and shaping policy.


Disclaimer: The following are provided so that you can connect with organizations and information that may help you find out more, or which advocate for various conditions and diseases.  Prebiotin’s listing of these does not imply or claim any affiliation with them, nor an endorsement of any kind for our products, nor our endorsement of any of their particular claims or information.

This is not a comprehensive list of resources, however if you have a relevant organization or association that you would like for us to consider adding, please contact us

Note that we do not include blog sites, as often those are opinion-oriented and not strictly science-based links.