Ronald E. Walborn, Jr.

Ron Walborn Jr.


Ron Walborn Jr. knew Prebiotin founder, Dr. Frank Jackson for almost 30 years as his accountant and tax preparer for his practice, several business ventures he started, and as a friend.

Ron handled the accounting and tax preparation for Jackson GI Medical / Prebiotin since the business first started in 2008. On October 15, 2013, he took over as the CEO/CFO of the business for Frank, managing and running day-to-day operations. After the purchase of the business from Frank on November 1, 2015, Ron became CEO/COO, and his father, Ron Walborn Sr. serves as Chairman.

Ron assumed this role because of his 100% commitment to continue Frank’s legacy and his passionate belief in the benefits of Prebiotin for everyone’s great gut health.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Ron Walborn Jr.

Ron believes that the future of prebiotics will be the recognition that all good overall health is a result of the balance of good vs bad bacteria in the gut. Due to our Western diet and busy lifestyles, prebiotic fiber is the most effective way to make sure that we are feeding our bacteria with the best prebiotic fiber recognized by the medical community.

As the research and clinical studies begin to fully understand and scientifically prove the specific benefits of prebiotic fiber, perhaps in combination with certain probiotic bacteria, targeted remedies and treatments will be able to specifically address many diseases and gut illnesses, Ron stresses.

“I believe that the gut-brain connection will be the most important area of study: the gut’s impact on our mental health.” according to Ron.

Ron most enjoys helping people understand the benefits of prebiotic fiber and its importance for overall good health. It’s caring about others that makes this possible. He also likes the role of CEO– the day to day to decisions– which empower others for success in the business.

Ron holds BA degrees in both Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Accounting from Penn State University and is a CPA. He has been a Principal/Partner of Walborn Naugle Associates, CPA firm since 1988, before merging with the accounting firm of Boles, Metzger, Brosius and Walborn in 2017, and holds memberships in AICPA and PICPA.

Ron enjoys playing golf and guitar, riding his bike, and spending time with family, and has served as Treasurer of his church since 1995.