Which Prebiotin® is Right for Me?

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ALL of our formulas contain our premier full-spectrum prebiotic fiber made only from pure chicory root containing oligofructose-enriched inulin.

Prebiotin is designed to supplement your intake of healthy fibers in order to:

  • Enhance and protect your immune system
  • Promote the rapid growth of good bacteria, therefore, decreasing the bad bacteria
  • Improve bowel regularity, bulk and stool softness
  • Strengthen the colon wall to combat intestinal permeability
  • Increase calcium absorption and bone density
  • Control appetite by regulating gut-appetite hormones
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels and heart health
  • Support brain health

Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber

Gluten Free

Prebiotin contains oligofructose-enriched inulin, which supports overall health and immunity by feeding the good bacteria throughout your entire colon. Supplies extra healthy fiber, difficult to get in today’s modern diet.

This is Peter's Story

“I am a 76 year-old male who thought he had a sensible diet, but my diverticulosis was turning into diverticulitis too often. So I started using Prebiotin. Ever since then I have not had an attack of diverticulitis, for which I am forever grateful.”

Prebiotin Heart Health

Prebiotin plus psyllium and oat bran. Supports heart health, immunity, and overall wellness, by feeding good bacteria, while giving your diet an extra helping of cholesterol fighers at the same time.

This is Bruce's Story

“I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Jackson. I explained my symptoms to him and he suggested I try Prebiotin. After a couple of weeks, my symptoms were gone, and I have been taking Prebiotin ever since with excellent results. I have been recommending it to friends and family. Each person who has tried Prebiotin has been impressed with the results.”

Prebiotin Regularity

Prebiotin plus psyllium and wheat bran. Improves bowel regularity, bulk, and stool softness, while supporting immunity, overall health and digestive wellness. Especially beneficial when traveling or changing routines.

This is Jill's Story

“Prebiotin is the most stabilizing piece in my health puzzle:
I no longer have active IBS or Leaky Gut.
I no longer have gross weakness.
I feel alive and in Control again!”