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Gut-Brain Connection

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Continuing the discussion into the connection between the gut and the brain. Researchers continue to look for the factors that influence one over the other.

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"A ‘chicken or the egg’ situation: More research needed on whether gut dysbiosis affects the brain or vice versa"
by Tingmin Koe for on November 15, 2023



“The study shows ‘the gut-brain axis at work,’ and its results are great news for companies such as Beneo, providing scientifically proven prebiotics that have been shown to deliver effective results to meet the growing market need for dietary-based mood improvement,” Dr. Stephan Theis, co-author of the study and head of nutrition science at Beneo, tells Nutrition Insight

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"Gut-Brain axis: Study links Beneo’s prebiotic dietary fiber to mood improvement"
by  Jolanda van Hal for on October 31, 2023



The connection between the gut and the brain is critically important to our health, especially as we age. Disease associated with the elderly such as Alzheimers, are currently being studied as to this connection to gain insight into potential new treatments.

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"The gut microbiome and Alzheimer’s: the missing link to new treatments?"
by Grace Brook for on October 8, 2023



Exciting research is being shared in the study of Parkinson's disease, showcasing the importance of addressing issues within the gut as an indicator, and even as a preventative measure in understanding the role of good gut health and the gut-brain connection. 

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"Role of Gut Microbiome, Alpha Synuclein in the Prodromal Stage of Parkinson Disease"
by Marco Meglio for on September 25, 2023


Scientific Research

The idea that there could be an interaction between the brain and gut seemed beyond absurd up until several years ago. Now we have increasing scientific evidence that this, indeed, occurs. The huge types and numbers of bacteria within the lower gut almost guarantee it. You see, these bacteria make literally hundreds of chemicals as part of their normal metabolism. Many of these slip through the bowel wall and enter the blood. From there it is a short step to the brain where some of them have been found to be active within the brain itself. The following article speaks to the large group of functional gastrointestinal patients such as irritable bowel syndrome and how their brain function may well be related to the bacterial makeup of the gut.

The relationship between the gut bacteria and brain function in irritable bowel syndrome.

This article speaks frankly to the likelihood of the interaction between the gut’s bacterial load and the function of the brain. The question is how you can favorably change the bacteria within the gut so that positive brain function occurs. This is closer to reality than you think.

Do the brain and the gut talk to each other?



Graphic of the intestinal tract on left and brain on right

Two Brains? The Answer to Treating My Depression May Be in My Gut

By Gabriele Amersbach, Prebiotin Science Writer

Alzheimer's Disease: When the Brain Stops Functioning

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Image of the American flag with fatigues and a stethoscope on top

Military Gut Microbiome: Unique and Universal

Guest Blog by Dr. Gerda Edwards, PhD, DNM, FDN

Stressed Brain, Stressed Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: How to Get Your Life Back

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Image of hand outstretched to the sky in supplication

New Research Seeks the Impact of Gut Bacteria in Schizophrenia

By Gabriele Amersbach, Prebiotin Science Writer



Dear Ron,

PREBIOTIN IS miracle stuff in my view! I never want to be without it. I never miss taking it!

I have almost finished the dastardly stuff that I have had to use to help me through my two cataract surgeries. However, I decided to start Prebiotin as soon as it arrived on 22 June 2016, and am pleased that I did. I am now on one level scoop twice daily, and have a very comfortable, stable and well behaved digestive system.

I would never have thought that from a state of:

Diagnosed malnutrition, just skin and bones, losing 40 pounds very quickly--to my lowest weight of just under 100 pounds, and unable to keep anything in my system--

Now with Prebiotin to a state of:

Reliable digestion, comfort, good sleep,; all good health markers (as checked by my overseeing doctor who does not ask me to take drugs anymore, which I thankfully refused anyway).  Ability to do 'physiotherapist prescribed' and initially supervised, exercises with weights, able to dance again, able to walk quite long distances regularly and perform rebounder exercising ...

The journey has been long with very slow, but with steady progress, as I learned how my system needed to be nurtured. But, I was still unpredictably unwell again at intervals.

Prebiotin is the most stabilizing piece in my health puzzle:

  • I no longer have active IBS or Leaky Gut.
  • I no longer have gross weakness.
  • I feel alive and in Control again!

Thank you Dr. Frank Jackson for your amazing Prebiotin.
 Thank you Ron Walborn Jr., CEO, for all of your work for me.
 Thank you for helping me to be a New Zealand Customer, probably your first New Zealand Customer!

Kindest Regards.

Jill Frost, New Zealand