Your prebiotics are absolutely amazing! I've noticed incredible increase in my sense of well being.

Prebiotin leaves logo  David A, IL


Ron and Sal, thanks for introducing us to Prebiotin! David and I have noticed amazing effects since starting on it some three years ago. Initially, the appeal was 'regularity', but the benefits extend far beyond. We have found that our healthier guts have lead to an increase in a healthier immune system--neither of us has had so much as a sniffle in the past two years.

Both of us have been able to maintain a significant weight loss and lower blood pressure over the past year and a half. And, we both have much more energy! We refer to it as 'poop' medicine and have made it a part of our morning routine!

Prebiotin leaves logo  Pamela Hopper, Carlisle PA


I’ve been using Prebiotin for almost a year now and it has completely changed my health for the better. When I was a little worried my order wasn’t going to arrive in time (I'm almost out!), and I don’t like to be without Prebiotin—ever, I contacted Prebiotin support. Thank you so much for taking the time out to contact me and expediting my order.  And thank you for creating an incredible, life changing product! I previously used Dr. Gundrys mix and although it is a good product, it is quite expensive and doesn’t compare to Prebiotin in any way, shape or form. Prebiotin has completely changed my overall health for the better—better skin, improved gut health, less junk cravings, and no more bloat (just to name a few benefits/improvements). I could go on and on about how wonderful your product is, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. Thank you again!  :)

Prebiotin leaves logo  Jessica, Alabama


Since adding probiotics+prebiotics to a regime of an alkaline diet, sustainable exercise, support from orthodox and alternative medicine, my all embracing fibromyalgia, chronically inflamed tendons, new injuries as soon as I attempted to exercise and weight gain are reversed! The probiotics together with the prebiotics seem to make my body able to discard waste in a way that it was not able to when all the health issues appeared.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Anonymous, France



I have had trouble with my bowels since I was 12 yrs old. My bowel collapsed and I had diarrhea every day. After surgery I became very constipated and stayed that way for year. I have had more colonoscopy than anyone I know. A friend told me about your product and gave me some to try. There were time I did not have a bowel movement for 5 days or more. NOW all that has changed for me. I go at least every two to three days. They found that one reason for all my problems is my intestine is looped around the bowel. Now I can go without all the unbearable pain. Thank you so much for creating a marvelous product. (It has taken 71 yrs to help me with this problem).

Prebiotin leaves logo  R. H., MA


I just can’t believe it and so badly hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it, lol but prebiotin is the best thing to happen to me ever!! I am 80 years young and have had IBS since about age 12. As my husband used to say, “you know where every bathroom is” and truly so. I had begun to think there was something really wrong with my gut but holy cow it’s so much better it’s unbelievable! I only wish I had found you years ago, I could have been “normal”! My gut is so much more “quiet” now. Sorry to rave on and on but just want to thank you for helping me.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Carol, SC


A fantastic product!! How could such a tiny daily dose of something almost weightless and practically invisible produce such excellent results? Amazing! I have recommended it to many friends. And you are such humble people; not bragging about your product, not even sending out annoying flyers in the mail... a company of such high integrity as yours is very rare in this world. Thank you so much.

I've suffered from digestive problems for years but Prebiotin has truly been a life changer. Please continue your excellent, health preserving work.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Frances L., NY


AMAZED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! I have been using prebiotin prebiotic for several months now. My digestive problems are all gone! Regularity is like clockwork every day. I saw results in less than a week! This product is amazing for digestive health and I will never stop using it. I am very impressed with the company's first class customer service as well! FIVE STARS!

Prebiotin leaves logo  Andreas A.


This stuff is magical. I worked my way up to 2 scoops a day, I blend it in my coffee. I usually eat a greek yogurt with my coffee. The combo seems to do a number on that bad gut bacteria. Anecdotally, I had bad bursitis in my knee and arthritic symptoms that were just starting in my late 30’s. I had read a rodent study about gut bacteria & arthritis where they basically induced this combo & arthritic conditions they induced were subsided with this combo. So I tried the experiment on me. And after 28 days, my arthritic symptoms had steadily improved had completely went away and have never come back now in almost 4 years of this combo. I had been dealing with this escalating arthritic condition for the two years prior. Soo, I’m a big fan & highly recommend trying the combo if you’re having early-stage arthritic symptoms.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Ryan C.


Dear Ron,

PREBIOTIN IS miracle stuff in my view! I never want to be without it. I never miss taking it!

I have almost finished the dastardly stuff that I have had to use to help me through my two cataract surgeries. However, I decided to start Prebiotin as soon as it arrived on 22 June 2016, and am pleased that I did. I am now on one level scoop twice daily, and have a very comfortable, stable and well behaved digestive system.

I would never have thought that from a state of:

Diagnosed malnutrition, just skin and bones, losing 40 pounds very quickly--to my lowest weight of just under 100 pounds, and unable to keep anything in my system--

Now with Prebiotin to a state of:

Reliable digestion, comfort, good sleep,; all good health markers (as checked by my overseeing doctor who does not ask me to take drugs anymore, which I thankfully refused anyway).  Ability to do 'physiotherapist prescribed' and initially supervised, exercises with weights, able to dance again, able to walk quite long distances regularly and perform rebounder exercising ...

The journey has been long with very slow, but with steady progress, as I learned how my system needed to be nurtured. But, I was still unpredictably unwell again at intervals.

Prebiotin is the most stabilizing piece in my health puzzle:

  • I no longer have active IBS or Leaky Gut.
  • I no longer have gross weakness.
  • I feel alive and in Control again!

Thank you Dr. Frank Jackson for your amazing Prebiotin.

Thank you Ron Walborn Jr., CEO, for all of your work for me.

Thank you for helping me to be a New Zealand Customer, probably your first 'New Zealand Customer!

Kindest Regards.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Jill Frost, New Zealand


Prebiotin: A Pivot for My Health

For a period of about 15 years, I ate nothing but a wholesome vegetarian diet, and had developed pretty incredible health. All that changed when an especially challenging personal adversity struck, and my childhood patterns of eating for comfort took over. Within one short year, anxiety, depression, joint inflammation, poor immunity and many effects of bad digestion became my daily reality. My will to eat healthfully and take care of myself were tanked right along with my optimism and mindfulness.

Finding Prebiotin was nothing short of a miracle, right when I needed it most. Adding this pure prebiotic powder to my beverages every day, began to quickly reverse the damage that had been done. Within days, my inflammation began to subside, and my joints were less painful. Within weeks, both my willpower to choose healthier food options and my energy levels began to re-emerge. My emotions and outlook began to feel stronger and more resilient. Now sitting here months later, it’s hard to recognize where I was at mentally, emotionally and physically prior to having Prebiotin in my life. This recent journey back to wellness was a grim reminder of how quickly all of the hard work that goes into properly caring for oneself can be compromised, leaving us vulnerable and defenseless. I am so grateful to have found something that benefits my health and well-being in SO many ways.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Lynn, Lancaster, PA


Prebiotin is a wonderful product and we do not go a day without using it.  Our young son struggled with constipation for years and we saw multiple doctors, he had multiple tests and even a surgical biopsy at 3 years old.  Since starting him on prebiotin, he has not had a single issue.  My husband and I have been reaping the benefits for years and can't fathom going without it.

Thank you for ensuring the highest quality product.

Prebiotin leaves logo  Laura S., Mechanicsburg, PA


A Cautionary Tale...

Our father, Donald D. Lockhart, was recovering from a stroke with early onset dementia in April of 2015. He then had an abscessed tooth removed followed by heavy doses of antibiotic. He was transferred to a skilled nursing facility due to his physical weakness. He then developed diarrhea, which we thought was to be expected with such strong antibiotics.

However, he then spiked a 102-degree temperature and was taken to the ER, revealing pneumonia and C. diff, leading to A-fib. We had never heard of C. diff before, but now know that it is a virulent bacterial infection that kills 29,000 people a year.

It is often found in healthcare facilities. In this case, the nursing facility was aware of the fact that they had patients with C. diff, but had not isolated them to their rooms.

We took our father to numerous follow-ups with an infectious disease doctor who finally suggested a specialist who performed Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT). This sounded crazy to us!

At this point, however, we realized that the current treatment would never work. For six months his treatment consisted of more antibiotics (this time we added PRObiotics) but every time our father finished the antibiotics, the C. diff would return in three days. Now we were ready to visit the recommended fecal transplant doctor!

The physician in the Ft. Worth area started my Dad on Prebiotin, along with then performing the fecal transplant procedure in November 2015. There was a point before the procedure when I believed that C. diff would end my father's life. Between the procedure and we believe due to the support of Prebiotin, my father's C. diff was CURED!! We then continued Prebiotin as part of his daily supplements until his passing in February 2016.

His physician's recommendations were: "Never probiotics -- always prebiotics!" Prebiotin is in his written treatment handouts. Thank you Prebiotin for being a part of my father's feeling so much better the last few months of his life.

Prebiotin leaves logo  The Lockhart Family


I have been using Prebiotin for about eight months and am ordering more. It has made me very regular with my bowel movements and seems to be very natural. I have had problems in this area of my health for a long time and this has helped me so much. Thank You!

Prebiotin leaves logo Sarah Dooley, FL


Hello! I would like to thank you so much for your product. It has truly changed my life. I have struggled with bowel and digestive issues for years. After using your product twice a day for a few months, I feel like I am in perfect health. I can't thank you enough!

Prebiotin leaves logo Regina, CA


I am a 76 year-old male who thought he had a sensible diet, but my diverticulosis was turning into diverticulitis too often. So I started using Prebiotin. Ever since then I have not had an attack of diverticulitis, for which I am forever grateful.

Prebiotin leaves logo Peter Wise, NJ


I want to thank you for teaching me all about the Prebiotin fiber. Since I have started, my digestive system has been so much more regular than it has been in years. I have had no constipation, which was always a problem for me before, and now my weight is getting better as I am not as hungry as I used to be. Thank you so much!

Prebiotin leaves logo Ida May, PA