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From the CEO's Desk


Have You Heard about Butyrate?

Butyrate is a bacterial compound found in healthy gut microbiomes, and is critically important to protect the lining of the gut and to address the problems that dysbiosis adds to bad health. Some researchers are studying the benefits of adding butyrate directly to our gut through diet or oral delivery methods, or even through injection.
However, Jackson GI Medical believes that Prebiotin can provide the nutritional supplementation needed through simple ingestion to increase butyrate levels in the gut. And we are not alone. 
Researchers at the University of Maryland have taken this approach in their studies of schizophrenia. They recognize that schizophrenia is characterized by a chronic pro-inflammatory state which contributes to the severity of a number of the clinical manifestations of the illness. They hypothesize that inflammation can be reduced by providing Prebiotin to stimulate butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut. To this point, their work shows much promise and new phases of study are ongoing. Prebiotin is proud to support their work in this area of gut health.
Increased butyrate levels are an important part of a healthy gut. A healthy gut may be the most critically important aspect of our overall health, affecting every bit of our bodies from top to bottom. The impact on brain health, and the study of schizophrenia is just one of so many examples. Inflammation throughout the body is like a lock preventing you from achieving your best health, and Prebiotin is the key to unlock that which prevents you from "feeling better and doing more"! We encourage you to see just what Prebiotin can do for you too.