Discover Prebiotin, the Most Medically Researched Prebiotic Supplement Available Today

Independent scientific research confirms and concludes what gastroenterologist Dr. Frank Jackson has always known: prebiotic supplements produce many health benefits both in the digestive system and throughout the entire body. Add prebiotic fiber to your diet and discover how you can increase calcium absorption, improve regularity, boost immunity, and improve lower gut health issues in an all-natural, low-calorie way!

Full Spectrum Prebiotics for Full Spectrum Colon Health

There are other prebiotic supplements on the market, but only Prebiotin's full spectrum formula contains both inulin and oligofructose. These soluble plant fibers encourage the proliferation of healthy bacteria throughout the colon, not just in parts. Medical research confirms that Prebiotin fertilizes healthy bacteria, restoring the colon's health. And when the colon produces a healthy mix of bacteria, a variety of health benefits result. Don't confuse prebiotics and probiotics, they are most certainly different!

In the past, doctors learned that the colon was merely a waste organ that provided few benefits beyond the lower gut. However, research from the last 15 years demonstrates clearly that a healthy colon results in a stronger bowel wall. Stronger bowel walls prevent dangerous endotoxins (toxins) from invading the bloodstream.

Supplementing a Healthy Diet

Prebiotin makes a variety of formulas designed to aid in the treatment of regularity, bone health and heart health. Whichever formula is right for you, each will improve the bacterial mix in your colon.

You may wonder if you can ingest prebiotic fiber through a diet comprised of healthy nutrients. The simple answer is yes. Foods such as chicory root, wheat products, the Jerusalem artichoke, garlic and onions all contain copious amounts of prebiotic fibers inulin and oligofructose. Unfortunately, most people find ingesting enough of these foods difficult.

Some, for example, cannot eat wheat products because they are gluten-intolerant or because they’re trying to cut calories. Others don’t like the taste of garlic and onions. And many find locating foods such as chicory root and Jerusalem artichokes difficult. Whatever the reason, people aren't eating enough fiber to maintain a healthy lower gut bacterial mix.

Make Prebiotin Prebiotic Supplements a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle Today

With Prebiotin, you’ll never have to worry whether or not you’re getting enough fiber to boost immunity, improve regularity and more. Simply sprinkle our natural and slightly sweet formula on whatever you’re already eating or drinking to gain the low-calorie benefits of dietary fiber easily and quickly!

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