Non-Calorie Sweetener Side Effects Discovered

Splenda (sucralose), Sweet and Low (saccharin) and Equal (aspartame) are in the news today. A report in the most prestigous science journal, Nature, reports on an outstanding study on the above non-calorie sweeteners. Of course, we all have been using these non-calorie sweeteners (NCS) because they have no calories and we assumed they had no side effects, or so the manufacturers and the FDA said.… Read more

The Amazing Benefits of Prebiotic Fibers

Fiber has become a buzzword in the fight against obesity in recent years. A surprising 95 percent of Americans correlate fiber with digestive health. This is because fiber-rich foods are generally high in nutrients and help to regulate your digestive track.

Prebiotic fiber shares many of these benefits and more. The addition of a prebiotic fiber supplement to your diet can spark impressive gains in digestive health, bone health and weight management, according to recent research from Beneo.… Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Inulin and Oligofructose

The most dangerous word in food production right now might be “artificial.” No one wants to ingest something without knowing where it comes from. If you’ve ever wondered what is in prebiotics such as inulin and oligofructose, this video is a great place to start.

Turns out they’re all-natural and made from vegetables.… Read more

The Importance of Fermentable Fiber

Fermentable fiber foods and supplements play an essential role in maintaining not only the health of the lower gut but also overall wellness. Here is what you need to know about fermentable fiber, what foods contain fermentable fibers and how you can tell if you need to increase your intake of healthy dietary fibers.… Read more

Solving the Microbe Mystery: How Prebiotics Help Fight Against Obesity

Prebiotics and ObesityTry to imagine 100 million of anything. It boggles the mind. Now consider this: There are more than 100 trillion microorganisms living in your body, most of them in your gut, your mouth and your skin. Taken altogether, these microorganisms make up the microbiome. Scientists are eager to find out what these microorganisms do and how to harness their power to improve our health, something that is a challenge simply because of the sheer volume of microorganisms.… Read more

The Vahouny Fiber Symposium: The Importance of SCFAs

If you don’t already know the benefits of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), you will soon. The beneficial effects of SCFAs may range from helping to fight depression and cancer to giving the colon a major boost. They were a major topic of conversation at the 10th annual Vahouny Fiber Symposium, held in March in Bethesda, MD, that Dr.… Read more

Prebiotics and Brain Chemistry

prebiotin-brainImage: lizhenry

Only 15 years ago, if any scientist suggested that the bacteria in your gut play a direct role in the health of your brain, that scientist would have been laughed out the door. However, the latest research from the University of Oxford suggests that gut microbiota play a direct role in brain chemistry balance.… Read more

5 Ways to Incorporate a Prebiotic Supplement Into Your Meals

prebiotin-smoothieImage: kingdesmond

One of the best parts about adding a prebiotic supplement to your daily diet is the ease with which this tasteless powder can blend with other foods and drinks. From letting it dissolve in a glass of water to creating a menu of specialty health shakes to sprinkling it over cereal, getting your recommended daily fiber intake has never been easier.… Read more

Dysbiosis Causes & Prevention

Dysbiosis ( dis-bye-os’-is) is a terrible sounding word but it is one which we in medicine are seeing more and more. It means that the bacterial mix in the colon is just plain bad. It is very important to know that this bacterial mix in the large bowel is dramatically important to good health.… Read more

Prebiotics for Heartburn

prebiotin-heartburnImage: truthout

Is there anything more frustrating than dining on a delicious dinner, only to have it come back to haunt you a few hours later? Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, affects nearly everyone at some point in their lifetime, and there are 25 million Americans who suffer from the condition on a daily basis.… Read more