The Benefits of Eating Foods with Oligofructose

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Oligofructose, which is contained in foods such as the Jerusalem artichoke, bananas and onions, provides a variety of health benefits. When consumed in adequate amounts, this soluble fiber is essential for maintaining a beneficial balance of bacteria in the colon, and although it was once thought that the lower gut played a minor role in overall health, recent independent research concludes that having healthy bowels means a healthier you.

The Gut — Good Bacteria Factory

Every person’s colon produces bacteria. Some bacteria are beneficial while others cause or contribute to a variety of conditions, including inflammation, foul-smelling flatus, irregularity, lowered immunity, polyps, and cancer. The good news is you can positively affect the balance of good to bad bacteria by consuming foods high in the prebiotics inulin and — you guessed it — oligofructose.

Even better news is that research concludes beyond a reasonable doubt that this prebiotics, when made part of a regular healthy diet, fertilize the healthy bacteria while stifling the production of the bad.

The Catch

The catch is that most people don’t eat nearly enough prebiotic fiber in the form of oligofructose and inulin to adequately maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the colon. Physicians and diet experts recommend consuming 25 grams of fiber every day. Unfortunately, even if eating 5 bananas and 5 onions a day was enough to meet this target, most wouldn’t want to eat that way every day.

That’s where Prebiotin prebiotic supplements come in. Not only can you add oligofructose (and inulin) to your diet in an easy way, our supplement is low in calories. That means you won’t have to eat extra calories to see the results of your extra fiber intake.

More Benefits

As you gradually increase your fiber intake, you’ll likely notice improved regularity and stool quality as well as a reduction in noxious flatus. Recent research also concludes that adding prebiotics and probiotics to your diet helps with weight management.  Plus, Prebiotin also helps the body better absorb calcium and magnesium, resulting in stronger bones. For those suffering from diabetes, Celiac’s or leaky gut syndrome, prebiotics can help, too.

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