Which Prebiotin® is Right For Me?

ALL of our formulas contain our premier full-spectrum prebiotic fiber made only from pure chicory root containing oligofructose-enriched inulin.

Prebiotin is designed to supplement your intake of healthy fibers in order to:
All Natural LeavesEnhance and protect your immune system
All Natural LeavesPromote the rapid growth of good bacteria, therefore, decreasing the bad bacteria
All Natural LeavesImprove bowel regularity, bulk and stool softness
All Natural LeavesStrengthen the colon wall to combat intestinal permeability Increase calcium absorption and bone density
All Natural LeavesControl appetite by regulating gut-appetite hormones
All Natural LeavesSupport healthy cholesterol levels and heart health
All Natural LeavesSupport brain health

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Prebiotin – Prebiotic Fibers

Gluten Free

Prebiotin contains oligofructose-enriched inulin, which supports overall health and immunity by feeding the good bacteria throughout your entire colon. Supplies extra healthy fiber, difficult to get in today’s modern diet.

This is Peter’s Story

“I am a 76 year-old male who thought he had a sensible diet, but my diverticulosis was turning into diverticulitis too often. So I started using Prebiotin. Ever since then I have not had an attack of diverticulitis, for which I am forever grateful.”

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Stick Packs (2g & 4g)

Gluten Free

Same great Prebiotic fiber in convenient 2g and 4g stick packs! Easily carry in your purse, pocket or briefcase. Great for keeping in your desk drawer at work. Travel ready. Never forget, never without!

This is Sarah’s Story

“I have been using Prebiotin for about eight months and am ordering more. It has made me very regular with my bowel movements and seems to be very natural. I have had problems in this area of my health for a long time and this has helped me so much. Thank You!”

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Prebiotin – Bone Health

Gluten Free

Gives your diet an extra dose of bone-healthy Calcium and Vitamin D3, while supporting health, immunity and calcium absorption by feeding your colon’s good bacteria.

This is Pamela’s Story

“Ron and Sal, thanks for introducing us to Prebiotin! David and I have noticed amazing effects since starting on it some three years ago. Initially, the appeal was ‘regularity’, but the benefits extend far beyond. We have found that our healthier guts have lead to an increase in a healthier immune system–neither of us has had so much as a sniffle in the past two years.”

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Prebiotin – Heart Health

Prebiotin plus psyllium and oat bran. Supports heart health, immunity, and overall wellness, by feeding good bacteria, while giving your diet an extra helping of cholesterol fighers at the same time.

This is Bruce’s Story

“I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Jackson. I explained my symptoms to him and he suggested I try Prebiotin. After a couple of weeks, my symptoms were gone, and I have been taking Prebiotin ever since with excellent results. I have been recommending it to friends and family. Each person who has tried Prebiotin has been impressed with the results.”

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Prebiotin – Regularity 2g & Regularity 4g

Prebiotin plus psyllium and wheat bran. Improves bowel regularity, bulk, and stool softness, while supporting immunity, overall health and digestive wellness. Especially beneficial when traveling or changing routines.

This is Jill’s Story

“Prebiotin is the most stabilizing piece in my health puzzle:
I no longer have active IBS or Leaky Gut
I no longer have gross weakness
I feel alive and in Control again!”

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Prebiotin – Weight Management

Gluten Free

Provides Prebiotic fiber for appetite suppression and metabolic support. Dysbiosis in overweight people results in far more bad bacteria in the colon. Prebiotin feeds the good bacteria.

This is Ida Mae’s Story

“I want to thank you for teaching me all about the Prebiotin fiber. Since I have started, my digestive system has been so much more regular than it has been in years. I have had no constipation, which was always a problem for me before, and now my weight is getting better as I am not as hungry as I used to be. Thank you so much!”

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