About Us


Our Mission at Jackson GI Medical is to empower improved gut microbiome health worldwide, eliminating gut imbalance through the development and responsible marketing of natural prebiotic fiber supplements backed by medically credible third-party research.


A world free of gut imbalance-caused diseases and conditions due the to lack of prebiotic fiber.


Our guiding Value is to treat our customers, affiliates and Prebiotin team members as we would want to be treated: with honesty, respect, compassion and transparency.

Meet the Prebiotin Team

Dr. Frank Jackson

Frank W. Jackson, MD

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Ronald Wilson, Sr.

Ronald E. Walborn Sr., CPA


Ronald Walborn, Jr. CEO

Ronald E. Walborn Jr., CPA

Chief Executive Officer

F. Wilson Jackson

F. Wilson Jackson, MD,FACP,

Medical Director for Prebiotin

Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper

Director of Product and Business Development

Anne Mercer Larson

Anne Mercer Larson, MOB

Dir. of Strategic Initiatives, Marketing and Public Relations

About Our Product

Prebiotin – The Preferred Full Spectrum Prebiotic

Prebiotin is unique and proprietary, using a state of the art extraction method that yields a scientifically proven, effective, microbiome-enhancing, full-spectrum, prebiotic fiber. Prebiotin’s active ingredient, Oligofructose Enriched Inulin (OEI), is a dedicated combination of longer and shorter chain inulin, derived from chicory root to achieve specific physiological effects.

Inulin-type fructans occur naturally in a great number of plants and vegetables, of which the chicory root is a particularly rich source.

What makes up Prebiotin’s Oligofructose Enriched Inulin (OEI)?

Inulin is extracted from a specifically-grown chicory root, making it of 100% vegetable origin. Inulin is carefully extracted from the chicory root using hot water, it is further purified, in order for our products to meet even the highest quality requirements, such as those for infant nutrition.

The functional fiber Oligofructose is an inulin-type fructan. After gently extracting Inulin from the same chicory root, Oligofructose is derived from Inulin through partial enzymatic hydrolysis. The same transformation process naturally occurs in the chicory root toward the end of the harvest period. This makes Prebiotin’s OEI of 100% vegetable origin. After enzymatic hydrolysis, Prebiotin Oligofructose is also further purified, in order to meet even the highest quality requirements, such as those for infant nutrition.

Prebiotin is produced and manufactured in a cGMP Certified, State-of-the-Art Facility for High-Volume Production.

Our business is about contributing to good nutrition, with the ultimate goal of keeping people healthy. We are fully aware of the responsibility this encompasses, and utilize all of our expertise in order to ensure that our products provide the highest quality in nutritional supplements.