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photo of Ron Walborn Jr and Greg Cooper presenting Prebiotin at Diabetes Educator Conference
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What Can I Tell You About Prebiotic Fiber?

Diabetes Educators at the Annual AADE Conference Focus on the Microbiome The microbiome was a major focus at this year’s American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Conference (held in Baltimore, MD, August 17-20). At the Prebiotin booth, a constant stream of diabetes educators were highly interested in how prebiotic fiber can maintain health and improve an unhealthy microbiome. They also wanted to get clarification about how prebiotics versus probiotics work. “Start at the beginning,” they told the Prebiotin team at the booth. “What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?”.…

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a photo of the Prebiotin collection of products
Health Tips How Prebiotics Work
Prebiotics Buyers Guide

By adding prebiotics supplements to your diet, you can boost immunity, improve regularity and enhance the performance of your gut, naturally. Prebiotic fiber can also help to curtail obesity, in a natural low-calorie way. Not all prebiotics are the same, however. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on the different types of prebiotics, the science backing the benefits of them and how much you need to consume daily in order to realize their benefits.…

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photo of chicory root, the source of Prebiotin's prebiotic fibers
Health Tips How Prebiotics Work
The Amazing Benefits of Prebiotic Fibers

Fiber has become a buzzword in the fight against obesity in recent years. A surprising 95 percent of Americans correlate fiber with digestive health. This is because fiber-rich foods are generally high in nutrients and help to regulate your digestive tract. Prebiotic fiber shares many of these benefits and more. The addition of a prebiotic fiber supplement to your diet can spark impressive gains in digestive health, bone health, and weight management, according to recent research from Beneo.…

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